“Suddenly it gets smaller” Controversy over poor AR of King Jeongjo’s ship floating in the middle of Seoul

There is a ‘quality controversy’ on the King Jeongjo ship, which appeared in augmented reality ( AR ) during the city parade for the 75th Armed Forces Day event . This is because, along with criticism that the graphics of King Jeongjo’s ship itself are clumsy, some broadcasting stations that broadcast it live showed that King Jeongjo’s ship was unstable, such as getting bigger or smaller.On the 26th, on government channels and broadcasting stations such as National Defense TV , an AR -enabled안전놀이터 image of King Jeongjo the Great passing through the road near Gwanghwamun Seoul Plaza was aired. However, in some broadcasting companies, such as YTN , the connection was not smooth, so King Jeongjo’s ship showed instability, such as flickering or suddenly becoming smaller.

This video spread through social networking services ( SNS ) and received criticism from netizens. Netizens responded by asking, “Is this really from an event?”, “Middle school students’ assignments should be of better quality than this,” and “How much tax money did they spend?”

Real-time viewer reactions were mainly about ‘absurdity.’ In the Defense TV YouTube live broadcast chat, when the AR King Jeongjo ship appeared, people said, “What is that?”, “It’s funny,” “ It looks like CG from the 2000s ,” “Can you do it like this even if you composite it?”, “The graphics were done really cheaply,” and “What should our country do?” ” and other reactions were shown.

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