List of top 20 construction companies with defects in apartments revealed… Who is number 1?

The government has decided to disclose the status of apartment defects by construction company twice a year. The construction company with the most defects over the past four years was GS Construction, which suffered a bad name in the Geomdan Apartment incident this year.

On the 25th, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport disclosed the status of defect applications and processing by the Defect Review and Dispute Mediation Committee (sub-assessment committee) and the status of defects by construction company in order to guarantee the public’s right to know about housing defects. So far, the Hasim Committee has only disclosed the status of defects filed each year on its website, and has not disclosed the number of defects processed or the status of defects by construction company.

According to the information released by the Hashim Commission this time, the Hashim Commission handled about 4,000 defect-related dispute cases per year on average from 2019 to August of this year. Of these, about 90% correspond to defect review to determine whether there is a defect, and the remainder correspond to dispute mediation and finance.

Of the 10,706 cases in which defects were determined, the proportion of actual defects was 60.5% (6,481 cases). The main types of defects reported so far are cracks, water leaks, malfunction of kitchen hoods and sanitary equipment, lifting and falling off, condensation, contamination and Discoloration, etc.

Looking at the number of defect judgments by construction company during the period, GSOf the 759 cases reported for construction defect review, 372 cases were determined to be actual defects. Based on the number of detailed defects, 1,612 cases, or 52.6% of 3,062 cases, were judged to be defective. Next, 533 cases (55.8%) out of 955 cases received by Gyeryong Construction Industry were judged defective based on메이저사이트 the number of detailed defects, 503 cases (52.0%) out of 967 cases by Daebang Construction, and 402 cases (55.4%) out of 726 cases by SM Merchant Marine. ), Daemyung Construction 361 cases out of 1,430 (25.2%), DL E&C 323 cases out of 743 cases (43.5%), and Daewoo Engineering & Construction 308 cases out of 1,274 cases (24.2%).

If a defect is determined, the project entity must quickly repair it and notify the subassessment committee of the result. The Hashim Committee reports the status of non-notified applicants to local governments and takes administrative measures, such as imposing a fine of 10 million won on those who have not been notified.

An official from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said, “Disclosure of defects will satisfy the public’s right to know and serve as an opportunity for construction companies to make efforts to improve quality.” The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport plans to release a list of the top 20 construction companies with the highest number of defect judgments twice a year in the future.

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