Jeong Yun-jung, the ‘completely successful girl’ from the profanity broadcast, will she return… “We’ll see you soon~”

There are predictions that show host Jeong Yun-jung, who was banned from appearing indefinitely by Hyundai Home Shopping due to a controversy over swearing during broadcasts, may return to the industry after eight months.

According to Money Today on the 25th, NS Home Shopping held a meeting last week with the cosmetics company ‘Nature & Nature’, where Mr. Jeong is the vice president, regarding the programming of product broadcasts.

It is known that Mr. Jeong visited the NS Home Shopping headquarters and is currently considering broadcast programming.

On the 13th, Mr. Jeong tagged ‘Carol Frank’, a product officially imported and sold by Nature & Nature, on his Instagram account and wrote, “We’ll see you soon~”.

Accordingly, there is speculation that Mr. Jeong may soon return to home shopping.

However, in an interview with Money Today, an NS Home Shopping official said, “We considered organizing the broadcast because the products sold by our partner company (Nature & Nature) are good,” and added, “It is true that a meeting related to the product was held, but show host Jeong Yun-jeong’s appearance on the broadcast has not yet been confirmed. ” “It’s not true,” he said.

On January 28, while Mr. Jeong was broadcasting on Hyundai Home Shopping for the sale of ‘Carol Frank Ructuring Cream’, he became irritated and swore at him for not being able to end the broadcast early, leading to a civil complaint being filed for negligence.

During the broadcast, he said, “Mr. Lee, why are you traveling again? XX , I said I was going to have fun,” and when asked to correct the profanity, he responded토토사이트, “Can’t you watch it like an entertainment show?”, causing controversy.

Afterwards, Hyundai Home Shopping made an unusual decision to ban Mr. Jeong from appearing indefinitely.

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