4th place Jo Jun-hee’s perspective, “We all need to reflect”

“The university, players, and pros should all reflect on the fact that Jo Jun-hee was selected in the fourth place.” This is what a university coach said after the 2023 KBL rookie player draft ended.

On the 21st, new players who will be active in the 2023-2024 season enjoyed the joy of advancing to the professional ranks. The 10 people whose names were not called turned away in loneliness.

There are always surprise selections in the draft. In this draft, Cho Jun-hee, selected 4th by Seoul Samsung, was selected much earlier than expected.

Jo Jun-hee, who played basketball in Canada and the United States and then tried out for the KBL stage, passed the general public skills test and was eligible to participate in the draft.

Some club officials who were curious about Jo Jun-hee’s skills left the scene after only the first half of the general public’s practical skills test. This means that Jo Jun-hee was not that impressive. Some people weighed Cho Jun-hee’s potential and predicted him to be drafted in the first round, but others said he was not a resource to be selected in the first round.

Instead, Cho Jun-hee is evaluated as showing potential during the tryout held on the day of the draft.

The first through third rankings were decided just before the draft was held. He aroused curiosity starting from the 4th place. A team official said, “4th place is Jo Jun-hee.” He thought it was a joke. It was real.

Scout A said, “It is the team’s choice, but it is too early. I think that the remaining players, including fourth-year players, have better skills than Jo Jun-hee. “(She was surprised to see Jo Jun-hee’s) potential and pick him,” he said. It is true that I was selected quickly. However, Scout B said, “He had good athletic ability, but when I saw the tryout, it was worth worrying about. “We also thought about it,” he said, adding that he had the skills to be selected in the first round.

A few days before the draft was held, an official from another club said, “It is the same for players ranked 4th and up who cannot play if they join our team.” If the skills are insufficient to be utilized right away, it is not a bad idea to select a player with greater growth potential in 2-3 years.

Junhee Jo has her explosive athletic ability and accurate shooting ability. In the tryout, he made 5 of 9 3-pointers. Currently, it is difficult to find resources with this ability on the university stage. Above all, we are the same age as first-year college students.

However, the university’s view of this is not positive. Many college coaches at the scene reacted in surprise when Cho Jun-hee’s name was called.

A university coach who was leaving the draft site said, “The university, players, and pros토토사이트should all reflect on the fact that Joon-hee Cho was selected in the 4th place.” “College players need to work harder, college coaches need to teach better, and professionals need to think more about it,” he said.

The fact that players who spent four years in college were ranked lower than younger players who learned basketball overseas means that their skills are lower.

Professional clubs say they have no players to select in each draft. It is said that this is unavoidable in universities due to the environmental impact of having to study differently from before.

Most college students witnessed the cold reality at the draft site. You should not only be interested in whether or not your college seniors are selected. There isn’t much time left to sit in the waiting area, waiting for your name to be called, rather than in the stands. We need to prepare for the draft by sweating more on the court so that we don’t have any regrets.

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