Representative Lee Jae-myeong’s arrest motion passed… 149 votes in favor, 136 votes against, 6 abstentions, 4 invalid

A motion was passed to arrest Lee Jae-myeong, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, for whom an arrest warrant was requested due to allegations of Ssangbangwool remittances to North Korea and preferential treatment for Baekhyeon-dong development.

At the plenary session held this afternoon (the 21st), the motion to arrest Representative Lee was passed through an anonymous vote, with 149 passing, 136 rejecting, 6 abstaining, and 4 invalidating out of 295 people present.

The motion for arrest is passed with the approval of a majority of the members present, with one more vote in favor than the minimum number of votes for passage, which is 148.

After his first arrest motion was rejected on February 27, Representative Lee publicly requested that it be rejected again, but was ultimately unable to avoid passing it.

Lee So-young, floor spokesperson of the Democratic Party of Korea, met with reporters after the vote and was unable to speak for a while, then said, “I am very surprised and shocked because it is an unexpected result. The leadership appealed to the lawmakers several times to reject the vote, but it is unfortunate that a different result came out.” “We will gather urgently to discuss the situation and countermeasures and report back later,” he said.

Democratic Party leaders left the plenary room and held an emergency closed-door Supreme Council meeting to discuss follow-up measures. An emergency general meeting of lawmakers was then held to gather opinions on future response plans.

People Power Party floor leader토토사이트 Yoon Jae-ok met with reporters after passing the motion to arrest Representative Lee and said, “No one can beat the public sentiment. I think it is a result that reflects the public sentiment.”

He continued, “I hope that the 21st National Assembly will be made a time for the people’s livelihood through dialogue and compromise with the Democratic Party in the last regular session of the National Assembly,” adding, “The Democratic Party may also be confused by today’s situation, but as a public party, it will return to its responsible figure of taking responsibility for the people’s livelihood.” “I expect it to be given,” he said.

Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon met with reporters after the vote and expressed his position, saying, “This system is a system that requires people to be reviewed by the court just like the general public.”

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