Noh leadership asks all lawmakers to “submit a petition to dismiss Lee Jae-myung’s warrant”

On the 22nd, the leadership of the Democratic Party of Korea requested lawmakers to submit a petition requesting the dismissal of Representative Lee Jae-myung’s arrest warrant. Ahead of the warrant substantive examination scheduled for the 26th, the party’s intention is to show the court its determination that “the leader of the main opposition party should not be detained.” Regarding this, some in the party said, “Isn’t this an intention to hunt down lawmakers who did not participate in the petition by considering them as having actually voted to pass the petition?”

On this day, the Democratic Party announced that it would request all members to submit a petition requesting the dismissal of Representative Lee’s arrest warrant. Looking at the contents of the petition attached to the notice, “The petitioners are members of the National Assembly belonging to the Democratic Party of Korea. “For the normal and smooth activities of our Democratic Party, the leader’s direction of work is absolutely necessary,” it said. “We sincerely appeal to you to make a wise decision so that the leader of the main opposition party can be tried without detention.”

He continued, “Furthermore, if Representative Lee Jae-myung is arrested as the representative of the main opposition party, serious problems will arise in the operation of state안전놀이터 affairs and the overall national system.” “It will become difficult to process, and there are immediate concerns that legislative activities, including those in the standing committee, will be paralyzed,” he said.

The Democratic Party requested that a petition with this content be submitted to the Secretary General’s Office by the 25th. The purpose is to list the real names of the lawmakers who submitted the petition and send it to the Seoul Central District Court before the substantive review of Representative Lee’s warrant. Regarding this, a non-member lawmaker said, “If you don’t add your name to the petition, aren’t they going to consider you as having voted in effect and take disciplinary action or something else?” In fact, on this day, the Democratic Party leadership announced that they would consider the party members who supported the motion for Representative Lee’s arrest to be ‘actors of the party’ and that they would be hunted down and punished. Another Democratic Party official said, “Since the lawmaker who passed the bill cannot be identified and punished unless he reveals himself, they are probably trying to bring him to justice in this way.”

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