He lost 7kg in 10 days and died a month later… What is the ‘User’ who took away a Vietnamese girl?

A teenage girl in Vietnam who contracted the bacterial infectious disease ‘ Melioidosis ‘ died within a month. According to local media outlets such as VN

Express on the 20th, Ms. A (15), who lived in Thanh Hoa Province in central Vietnam, had been showing symptoms of sore throat, cough, and high fever since the end of last month. Afterwards, abnormal symptoms worsened, including a weight loss of more than 7kg over the next 10 days, and a test at the Children’s Hospital early this month confirmed Uviser infection. Uviser occurs mainly in Southeast Asia and northern Australia. You can become infected through direct exposure or inhalation of contaminated soil or water, and bacteria can also invade through broken skin. Transmission between people is rare, but infection through the blood or body fluids of an infected person rarely occurs. Symptoms토토사이트 of infection include fever, headache, difficulty breathing, and chest pain. The incubation period is usually 1 to 21 days, but in some cases, several years may elapse from exposure to symptom onset. Most patients develop severe pneumonia or sepsis, and the mortality rate reaches 40%. Ms. A was also put on a ventilator and received dialysis treatment, but died on the 17th. The first death case in Korea is known to be the late actor Park Yong-sik. Mr. Park died in August 2013 while being treated for sepsis caused by U. hypobacterial infection. At the time, he was found to have stayed in Cambodia for about 20 days to film a movie in May of the same year. There is no vaccine for Uviser yet, and for prevention, you should boil water when traveling to areas with an epidemic and avoid puddles of water after rain.

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