‘Busan round kick’ perpetrator sentenced to 20 years in prison… “It starts after 20 years.”

The man who committed the so-called ‘Busan Roundhouse Kick’ incident, in which he indiscriminately assaulted a woman he had never met, was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The Supreme Court upheld the original judgment that there was intentional murder.

The victim said, “It starts 20 years later.”

This is reporter Kim Yu-ah.


Mr. Lee followed a woman, A, who was returning home from Seomyeon, Busan at the end of May last year.

She approached Mr. A behind her and assaulted her indiscriminately, hitting her in the head with a roundhouse kick and kicking her in the same area several times.

Mr. Lee, who was charged with attempted murder, was sentenced to 12 years in prison in the first trial, and during the appeal trial, the prosecution found additional evidence, such as detecting Mr. Lee’s DNA on Mr. A’s jeans at the time of the incident, and filed an indictment on attempted rape and murder . I changed it.

The second trial increased her sentence to 20 years in prison, saying she assaulted Ms. A with the purpose or means of rape.

The Supreme Court also did not accept Mr. Lee’s claim that there was no intent to rape or murder and dismissed the appeal.

She repeatedly and persistently hit Mr안전놀이터. A, who was defenseless, on the head and took off her clothes. It was acknowledged that she had the intention of rape and murder.

She found that her right to defense had not been violated and that her sentence was not unfair.

Ms. A, who witnessed the Supreme Court ruling in person, said she was fortunate, but emphasized that even after her trial was over, the reality the victim faced was still difficult.

< Mr. A / Victim of the ‘Busan roundhouse kick’ incident> “The emotion I felt right away was ‘fortunate’, but I wonder if this is the right emotion for the victim… I think this is just a process because the victim starts after 20 years now. .”

Mr. A stated that he would continue to raise his voice to improve the problems with the personal information disclosure system, which received attention due to this ’round kick incident’.

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