Husband who saw wife’s cesarean section sues for KRW 860 billion, claiming “it caused trauma”

An Australian man sued a hospital, claiming that he suffered trauma after watching his wife undergo a cesarean section, which led to the breakdown of his marriage.

According to LOCAL12 News, Australian man Anil Koppula watched his wife’s cesarean section birth in January 2018. He claimed that during the process, the hospital encouraged or allowed observation of the birth process.

Although there were no problems during토토사이트 the birth and the baby was healthy, Copula recently filed a lawsuit in Victoria’s Supreme Court claiming that seeing his wife’s organs and blood caused mental problems. He claimed the hospital had breached its obligations and demanded compensation of 1 billion Australian dollars (about 860 billion won) from him.

However, under Australian law he cannot recover damages for non-economic losses unless he has suffered serious injury. Moreover, although Copula attempted to prove that his mental trauma was significant in his medical examination, experts found that “the degree of psychiatric impairment resulting from the claimant’s injuries as alleged in the claim does not meet the critical mass.”

In the end, the judge dismissed it on September 11, saying, “The hospital is not liable for any damages and the lawsuit is an abuse of process.”

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