“Everything here is like that” 10 years in the middle of the city… Unreported profits alone amount to 15 billion won

A group of gangsters and entertainment bar owners who had been procuring prostitution for 10 years were caught by the police. It was discovered that the unreported profits amounted to over 15 billion won, and even after being caught, they continued their crimes by changing their signs or people.

This is reporter Choi Ji-woo.


A police officer enters a room in an entertainment bar where singing sounds are heard.

[Police: This is the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s customs investigation team. Mr. OOO , are you inside? [We are here to execute a seizure warrant.] This

place was run by an organized crime member, Mr. Yoon, for 10 years.

The police found a ledger containing details of prostitution brokerage transactions here.

The gang that arranged prostitution settled down around this entertainment bar.

People who drank here headed to a motel in the back alley.

Nearby residents and merchants said that other 바카라bars had been operating in a similar manner.

[Nearby merchant: (Entertainment bar) It’s all the same, including the one next door. I know it’s all old.]

[Nearby resident: Everything here is like that, right. They put it in the car and go back and forth a lot.]

As a result of the police investigation, it was revealed that the owners of 16 entertainment bars and 20 agencies had been operating in the area for up to 10 years, with an average of 4 years.

Some were caught, but all escaped with fines or probation, and it was also discovered that they continued to operate by changing their signs or using fake owners.

The operating profits they have not reported so far amount to more than 15.3 billion won.

The police handed over 95 people, including business owners, who were involved in prostitution brokerage to the prosecution, and arrested 7 people.

In addition, the process of recovering 1.56 billion won in criminal proceeds has begun.

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