Lee Min-kyung of Sorae High School wins three gold medals in the elementary, middle, and high school track and field for the girls’ high school division

Lee Min-kyung (Siheung Sorae High School) won three gold medals in the girls’ high school division at the 4th National Elementary, Middle, and High School Grade-Grade Athletics Competition.

Lee Min-kyung was the second runner in the final of the girls’ high school 1,600m relay held regardless of grade on the last day of the competition held at the Boeun Public Stadium in North Chungcheong Province on the 18th. Sorae High School, along with Noh Han-gyeol, Lee Min-jeong, and Jang Ji-eun, defeated Gyeonggi Mobile Science High School (4) with a time of 4:06.82. He contributed to winning by beating 08.23 minutes).

As a result, Lee Min-kyung won gold medals in the 400m토토사이트 (57.46) of the girls’ high school class on her first day and the 400m hurdles (1:05.40) the day before, and she went on to win three gold medals in the competition.

In addition, in the boys’ high school 1,600m relay, Dongincheon High School, led by Kim Hyeon-seo, Noh Hyeon-seo, Yong Hyeon-geon, and Lee Ye-chan, finished first with a record of 3 minutes 24.03 seconds, ahead of Busan Education High School (3 minutes 24.52 seconds), and on the first day, the boys’ high school 1-year 200m relay was held. (22.51 seconds) and Lee Ye-chan, who won the 400m (50.65 seconds) on the third day, also won three gold medals. No. 2 runner Noh Hyun-seo won two gold medals, including a gold medal in the 400m hurdles, in her second year at Boys High School.

Meanwhile, Incheon South Middle School, led by Choi Jun-hyuk, Oh Ye-jun, Gye Jun-hyuk, and Jeong Ye-jun, won the South Central 1,600m relay with a time of 3:31.14, far ahead of Wolchon Middle School (3:37.98). The same member from the previous day won the 400m relay at 44.13. He won both relay events, including taking first place.

In addition, Lee Hee-soo (Yongin High School) won the gold medal in the girls’ high school 2-year 800m race with a time of 2 minutes 23.69 seconds, and Kim Si-hu (Bucheon Bugok Middle School) won the gold medal in the boys’ middle school 2-year 400m race with a time of 52.05 seconds.

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