“Threatening with scissors”… Teacher in his 30s faints while trying to stop first grader from rioting 

Let’s look at the following keywords. ‘violence’.

Why does this keep happening over and over again?

This time, controversy has arisen over allegations that an elementary school teacher was continuously assaulted by a student.

On the 7th, a teacher in his 30s fell unconscious at an elementary school in Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

He reportedly suffered convulsions while trying to stop a student who was behaving aggressively toward his peers in토토사이트 class, and is still receiving treatment at the hospital.

This teacher’s body is full of scratches and bruises.

It is known that since last March, he has been complaining about his grievances while tutoring the student in question.

The student reportedly frequently threatened her teachers and classmates with scissors or pencils.

For this reason, during the first semester, classes were conducted with the student’s mother in the classroom for two months.

The Office of Education is supporting the teacher’s treatment and investigating whether the school’s response was appropriate.

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