‘Arashi’ member Matsumoto Jun marriage announcement… Aftermath of the Johnny’s incident?

News of the marriage of Matsumoto Jun (40), a member of ‘Arashi’, known as Japan’s national idol group, was announced. Local media, including Nikkan Gendai, reported on the 11th that Matsumoto plans to marry actor Mao Inoue (36), who appeared as her lover in the Japanese melodrama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, early next year.

The two are known to have developed into a romantic relationship after working together in the 2005 drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Their relationship was public knowledge, and there were several articles predicting that they would get married soon. However, in December 2021, Matsumoto appeared on a TV program and officially denied his intention to marry.

In the Japanese entertainment industry, there was talk that the reason they could not announce their marriage despite dating for about 18 years was due to pressure from their agency, Johnny’s. It was a well-known fact in Japan that Johnny’s did not allow its celebrities who were in their prime to get married. When Kimura Takuya (50), a member of Japan’s representative idol group Smarf produced by Johnny’s, decided to marry Kudo Shizuka (53), his manager at the time said, “You must not betray your fans. I will never forgive you for marriage.” The anecdote where he was pushed around is famous.

However, with the recent controversy surrounding the founder of Johnny’s over sexual exploitation of trainees and the CEO’s resignation, confusion arose, many analysts say that he may have decided that it was the right time to appease concerned fans and decide on the marriage he had been putting off. Local media reported that Janiz also announced the news of Matsumoto’s marriage to shed the image of her coercive토토사이트 management of her artists. It is said that the fact that Matsumoto is 40 years old this year and is well past the suitable age for marriage was also taken into consideration.

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