“Am I the only one who didn’t know?”… The secret to paying 500,000 won per month for savings insurance and receiving 3 million won more

Office worker A and co-worker B subscribed to the same savings insurance from Insurance Company C for 500,000 won per month. In the case of Mr. A, 200,000 won was paid as basic insurance premium and 300,000 won was paid additionally.

On the other hand, Mr. B paid the entire 500,000 won as basic insurance premium. When the insurance payment expired 10 years later, Mr. A received a refund of more than 3 million won more than Mr. B.

Mr. B was very disappointed and said, “I found out late that I could receive more money even if I paid the same insurance premium by using the additional payment system.”

So, why is there such a difference?

The secret lies in the additional payment system. Even if you pay the same premium, you can get more insurance money by using the additional payment system.

According to the insurance industry, when using the additional payment system, new contract fees (designer recruitment fees and fixed business expenses), which account for the largest proportion of insurance premiums, are not separately charged, so it is much more economical than purchasing another savings insurance.

The additional payment system allows you to pay more premiums up to twice the basic monthly premium. This system only covers contract management costs (about 2%) and does not separate recruitment fees or fixed project expenses, which increases 토토사이트the amount of refunds generated in the future. Fixed operating expenses refer to asset operation, management costs, minimum guarantee costs, etc. and are approximately 10 to 15%.

Currently, the number of subscribers to savings insurance is increasing, but there are still many people who are unaware of the additional payment system.

Investment experts said, “The advantage of this system is that if you set an additional payment amount from the insurance premium paid every month, the amount deducted for business expenses is reduced.” “Even though it is such a useful system, there are many consumers who are unaware of the additional payment system.”

He added, “In addition to savings insurance, you can also use this system for whole life and pension insurance,” adding, “However, death benefit premiums are not included or contract management costs of around 2% are deducted.”

An official from the Financial Supervisory Service said, “Usually, you can make additional payments within twice the basic insurance premium, but the limits vary depending on the insurance company and product.” He added, “Some products do not operate an additional payment system, so please check in advance before signing up. “It is wise,” he advised.

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