G-Star 2023, the largest event ever… The key to box office success is ‘safety’

The game show G-Star 2023, which will open at BEXCO in Busan in November, is expected to be the largest opening ever. The gaming industry is hopeful that G-Star will be a huge hit, but their stance is that for this to happen, clear safety measures must be put in place.

G-Star 2023 will be held with 3,250 booths, surpassing the 3,208 booths at G-Star 2019, which was the largest event ever.

Not only has the scale grown, but the aspects of the event have also become more diverse. An indie showcase showcasing a number of indie games along with Smilegate Stove and One Store and a subculture game festival for subculture games that have recently become a major genre in the game market will also be held.

The characteristic of this G-Star is that it has grown beyond the level of simply experiencing and enjoying the submitted works to an event where people can enjoy various cultures related to games, including e-sports events and conferences with global speakers.

The gaming industry is all positive about the event plan, which is more diverse than in the past. However, it is also pointed out that in order for visitors to properly enjoy this variety, clear safety measures must be put in place.

An official in the game industry said, “Recently, there has been a sharp increase in the number of cases of knife violence or predictions of terrorism even if it did not actually occur. Of course, there should be no unpleasant incidents, but since it is an event that attracts a large number of people, such a thing cannot happen안전놀이터 at a game show.” “There’s no law saying it shouldn’t be done,” he said.

The G-STAR organizing committee is also continuing preparations for this. To prevent large crowds from gathering in one place, tickets for general visitors will be sold only through online advance reservation, and visitors’ belongings will be checked in accordance with security regulations to ensure on-site safety.

Additionally, security personnel will be recruited in cooperation with Busan City and the police. Although specific numbers have not been disclosed, the gaming industry predicts that more manpower will be deployed than last year’s G-Star, which was evaluated as having mobilized a large number of manpower for safety management.

However, despite these efforts, some are of the opinion that a stronger stance needs to be revealed in advance.

An official in the game industry said, “Once an actual terrorist warning or prank report is received, it is inevitable to suspend the event. As can be seen from the case that took place at the Genshin Impact user meeting last summer, visitors ultimately will not be able to enjoy the game show as much as that time.” .

Another official said, “The suspension of the event itself is a huge loss to users. There is no point in finding the suspect after the incident has occurred. In reality, there will be many difficulties, but it is better to identify related posts in advance through SNS before the event . ” He pointed out, “There is a need to notify people in advance

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