Dead Daejeon teacher donates body tissue to 100 people… ‘Malicious civil complaint’ perpetrator’s parents move to ‘boycott’ the workplace

A Daejeon elementary school teacher who is known to have made the extreme choice after suffering from malicious complaints for nearly four years donated her body tissue to patients and left.

According to Yonhap News on the 8th, teacher A’s bereaved family said that they decided to donate body tissue (skin) after receiving A’s death at around 6 PM on the 7th. It is known that teacher A expressed his intention to donate organs several times during his lifetime, and his family made this decision to follow his wishes.

Mr. A’s body tissue will be delivered to about 100 people in need of emergency skin transplant surgery, including burn patients.

On this day, an online community in Daejeon said, ‘You were a teacher until the end. A post titled ‘Thank you to the bereaved families for making this difficult decision’ was posted.

The author stated that he was posting this with the consent of the bereaved family and said, “The teacher donated his skin to a burn patient immediately after leaving his resting place.” He continued, “The bereaved family considered organ donation, but the situation was not feasible.” Donation of organs other than body tissue and eyes is usually possible before a brain-dead patient is declared dead.

Residents of the Daejeon area who heard the news expressed their sorrow, leaving comments such as “My heart really breaks” and “The teacher is such an angel.”

Meanwhile, as information on businesses known to be run by parents is being shared on online communities such as Mom Café, local residents are creating a boycott movement, such as launching ‘star terror attacks’ on the businesses in question.

Residents said, “I used to go먹튀검증 often, but now I will never go again,” “I’m angry at my past self for going to that house many times with my children without even knowing that something like this was happening,” “You reap what you sow,” and “Why did you do that?” He left a review criticizing the parents of the perpetrator and announced his intention to boycott the business.

As of the afternoon of the 8th, the online reviews for both businesses were all at 1 point.

Previously, Mr. A, an elementary school teacher, made the extreme choice at his home in Daejeon on the afternoon of the 5th and was taken to the hospital, but died two days later on the 7th.

According to the Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education and the Daejeon Teachers’ Union, Mr. A was accused of child abuse by his parents in 2019 for sending a student who assaulted a friend to the principal’s office at the Daejeon Han elementary school where he worked, and it was found that he suffered from malicious complaints for several years.

In particular, the deceased is known to have appealed to his family and people around him after hearing about the recent death of a teacher at Seoi Elementary School in Seoul, saying, “It’s difficult because the pain of the past comes to mind.”

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