“I was shocked by the torn women’s stockings that came out of my husband’s bag… I’m thinking about divorce.”

A ‘sexless’ woman who has been married for 25 years is said to be considering divorce after discovering torn stockings in her husband’s bag.

On the 4th, a story was posted on an online community about a woman named A who had been living apart from her husband for 10 years and was raising her two children alone.

Ms. A, who said she had been living separately for 10 years after her husband was transferred to the local area, said, 토토사이트“Right after her husband was transferred to the local area, there was a big fight over money, and after that, her husband left the house. So she naturally separated.” I started crying.

Mr. A said, “At that time, my eldest child was 15 and my younger child was 13, and I was a full-time housewife. My husband gave me 2.5 million won for living expenses every month for 10 years to raise my children, and I also worked in between jobs. “I did,” he explained.

She continued, “Recently, my husband was assigned to Seoul and went to live at his parents’ house (his mother-in-law’s house), but he had a serious accident at work, so a disciplinary committee was held.” As a result, “my husband was exhausted physically and mentally, and he was struggling with the distance.” “After considering it, we decided to live together again,” he said.

Ms. A, who obtained her husband’s joint certificate to subscribe to her apartment, came across her ‘inconvenient truth’ while searching for various information. She found out that her husband frequently went back and forth between her motel and luxury hotels.

Ms. A lamented that she “even found her women’s stockings in her husband’s bag” and that “she was really shocked.”

She said, “I’m not saying anything to my husband right now, but I’m thinking about divorce. My wife and I were sexless as soon as we got married, and I don’t know if my husband still has a woman or what, but I feel like, ‘You’ve disrespected me so much.'” She said, “It may seem meaningless.” “It’s possible, but I’m also curious about my husband’s identity,” she said, heartbroken.

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