A man in his 30s was sentenced to prison for trying to rob Saemaul Geumgo, leaving empty-handed. What was the reason for the crime?

A man in his 30s who attempted to enter Saemaeul Geumgo and commit robbery (Busan Ilbo, Internet report dated May 9th) but failed and ran away was sentenced to prison.

The Ulsan District Court’s 11th Criminal Division (Chief Judge Lee Dae-ro) announced on the 4th that it sentenced 토토사이트Mr. A, who was handed over to trial on charges of attempted aggravated robbery, trespassing into a special building, and fraud, to two years in prison.

Mr. A was indicted on charges of entering a safe in Saemaeul, Buk-gu, Ulsan, at around 8:20 a.m. on May 9 of this year, threatening an employee with a weapon and attempting to rob him of cash, but fled when he could not find the money.

The police tracked down the escape route and arrested Mr. A two days after the incident.

He said to an acquaintance he met at a soccer club earlier, “I need money to export auto parts. He also stole 42 million won by deceiving him by saying, “I will pay you back in 9 days.”

As a result of the investigative agency’s investigation, it was revealed that Mr. A was addicted to gambling, borrowed money from acquaintances, and was living off the hook, but committed robbery when he was pressured into debt.

The court explained the reason for the prison sentence, saying, “Given that robbery against financial institutions causes chaos in the social order and economic system, severe punishment is necessary even if it is only an attempt.”

The court also ordered Mr. A to compensate 42 million won.

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