‘Mask Girl’ Yeom Hye-ran’s heyday: “I’m five years younger than senior Go Hyun-jung…”

“Joo-nam’s mother’s acting is so-ore~” “Isn’t Kim Kyeong-ja the lead role? “It was the best.” After the Netflix original series ‘Mask Girl’ was released, praise poured in for the character Kim Kyung-ja, played by Yeom Hye-ran.

From ‘The Glory’ to ‘Mask Girl’, Yeom Hye-ran is at her best since her drama debut with supporting roles that outshine her lead roles.

‘Mask Girl’ Kim Kyeong-ja’s character, the excitement was short-lived, but the worries were great.

Yeom Hye-ran recently met with reporters and said, “After the release, the director sent me a KakaoTalk message every morning saying, ‘What are the best in the world? “I’m happy,” he said happily. She added, “‘Mask Girl’ in particular has been contacted by a lot of industry colleagues,” and it seems that she has received more recognition from colleagues than any other work.

Kim Kyeong-ja, played by Yeom Hye-ran in ‘Mask Girl’, is a tough mother who raised her son alone after her divorce and thinks her son is the best. Then one day, when her son returns dead, she doggedly pursues her criminal. Director Kim Yong-hoon previously called Kim Kyeong-ja “an unprecedented character” and said, “Yum Hye-ran, who I thought was an actress with a wide spectrum through her usual works, was the right fit to portray her.”

She revealed that she does not enjoy scary genre movies and said, “The script was fun, but it was unconventional and shocking, so I was very concerned about how I would approach it.” She added, “(After receiving the love call), my excitement was short-lived and I was very worried.” In particular, the scene where Kim Kyung-ja loses consciousness and falls into the water while being carried in her car stimulated her fear. She had a water phobia and recalled, “She was so scared that I asked the director if he would use a double for me.”

“Honestly, I found the finished work more attractive than the script. I also learned about the fun of the genre. Kyungja Kim is honestly a difficult character to root for. However, at some point, viewers seemed to accept Kim Kyung-ja as a genre character.”

“The characters in ‘Mask Girl’ literally cross the line. There are only characters that you can’t give your whole heart to. She thought that Kim Kyung-ja would be especially disliked by young women. “Because she has everything modern women want to avoid.”

Kim Kyung-ja is not just a revengeful mother, but can also be read as the totality of our society’s distorted values ​​and wrong beliefs that oppress women. Regarding her Kim Kyeong-ja’s revenge, he said, “As the 13 years have accumulated, it has probably been distorted to the point where its essence is unknown, like salted seafood.”

Kyeongja Kim kidnaps and kills Mimo, the daughter of Momi, who killed her son, in a remote place that was once used as a salted fish warehouse. Yeom Hye-ran said, “It is salted cutlassfish, but as time passes, the shape of the cutlassfish disappears. They say that the reason for revenge is because of her son Joo-nam, but in reality, the anger inside her has subsided, and she seems to have thought that her life cannot be compensated if she does not take revenge.” “It was interpreted. Kim Gyeong-nam also interprets religion as he sees fit and justifies his revenge as an act of punishing evil.

“I didn’t want Kim Kyung-ja’s revenge to have a single character called ‘motherhood.’ “She runs toward a clear goal of revenge with complex feelings about her generation, religion, and beliefs, but I didn’t want to miss Kim Kyung-ja’s internal conflict that inevitably arises within it.”

At the climax of episode 7, Kim Kyung-ja appears conflicted by the kind words of the beautiful woman who followed her like her own grandmother. He said, “I cried a lot when her beauty gave me her birthday party. She is beautiful and says everything that Kim Kyung-ja wants to hear from her son. “She also shot a scene with too much conflict, but it would have weakened her ability to confront Momi until the end, so she used a less conflicted version.”

I don’t like being called an actress with presbyopia, but I believe she’s prettiest when she’s good at acting.

Although he was happy to hear that Yeom Hye-ran is in her prime these days, he said, “They say a lot of accidents happen in a tailwind. “I’m trying to be more careful,” he said, trying not to lose his composure. “There is still a long way to go.”

When he was told that he was praised for being more of a lead actor than a lead actor, he responded, “I think acting is a form that cannot be viewed on the same level. Rather than토토사이트 saying who is the best, I think it would be more accurate to say that I just found a project that shows my strengths.”

It’s a work that focuses on lookism, but when asked if he had a complex about his appearance, he said, “I do,” and added, “Go Hyun-jung is five years older than me, but I look at her at the same age, and people call me presbyopic, but I don’t want to hear that either.” “But the characteristics of presbyopic actors get better as they get older. “It’s Bae Cheol-soo’s theory, the older you get, the younger you become,” he said with a laugh.

“I’m not happy with my face. But I just want to accept myself as I am and believe that I look my best when I’m performing at my best. “Everyone accepts me as I am, and I hope our society will do the same.”

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