Jo Min collects donations… Jeong Yu-ra-do also “discloses the account”

While it became known that Cho Min, the daughter of former Justice Minister Cho Kuk, received donations amounting to 10 million won from supporters through YouTube, Jeong Yu-ra, the토토사이트 daughter of Choi Seo-won (formerly Choi Soon-sil), who is often compared to Cho, also revealed her account number. .

On the 31st of last month, Ms. Jeong wrote on her Facebook page, “Many people have asked about her account, so I am writing this down,” and she said, “I am always grateful for your warm hearts.” He complained about her hardships in life, saying, “I sold my house to pay for my mother’s hospital bills, and I survived with loans for 7 years in hopes of buying it for my mother, but I also feel bad inside every day because I have to buy my last remaining home.”

She continued, “I am always grateful for your help. I am so exhausted that I want to stow away, and every time I get asked to pay rent, I cry because I miss my mother, but I have to get my mother out of prison, so I have to live with strength again.” Ms. Jeong also uploaded a screenshot of the details of deposits received from her supporters. Her highest amount was 200,000 won.

Mr. Jeong’s 2016 Ewha Womans University entrance exam corruption case is said to be similar enough that it was reported that the prosecution used it as a reference while considering the indictment of Mr. Cho, who was previously suspected of corruption in the entrance exam. However, while Mr. Jeong is claiming that he is having a hard time making a living, Mr. Cho is showing a conflicting picture, such as publicizing his trip to the United States or receiving close to 10 million won in Super Chat (donation) from supporters for a study video posted on YouTube.According to ‘Playboard’, a company specializing in YouTube statistics analysis, Cho’s supporters sent donations worth about 9.7 million won to a YouTube broadcast that lasted about 2 hours on the 21st of last month. In 2 hours, 321 Super Chats were sponsored, and the average amount was 30,223 won. The video shows the student sitting at a desk studying for 25 minutes followed by a 5-minute break, repeated 4 times. Mr. Cho uploaded the same content video on the 31st of last month and asked supporters to refrain from excessive encouragement of donations.Meanwhile, on the 10th of last month, the prosecution indicted Mr. Cho without detention on charges of using false official documents, obstruction of business, and obstruction of official duties through fraud. When the news of the prosecution’s indictment became known, Mr. Cho posted a photo of what appeared to be a San Francisco Airport information board on social media , saying, “If there is any responsibility, I will humbly take responsibility.” Some netizens, who are believed to be supporters of Cho’s trip to the United States, expressed concern, saying, “He just looks like he’s resting too much.” In response, Mr. Cho said, “I decide the direction, width, and speed of my steps.”

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