‘Pell’ was discovered with just one word ‘Pell’… Daughter Jo Min’s ‘False Internship Experience’ written by Cho Kuk himself

Circumstances were revealed that former Justice 토토사이트Minister Cho Kuk personally wrote a false resume for his daughter Cho Min as a hotel intern.

According to the prosecution on the 31st, it was discovered that the hotel intern resume was written on the computer of former Minister Cho Kuk’s professor’s office at Seoul National University. This was revealed when it was confirmed that one letter of the hotel name written on the resume was incorrect.

The actual official name of the hotel is ‘Aqua Palace’, but the hotel name written on the certificate of completion was ‘Aqua Palace’. According to the Foreign Language Notation Act, the correct spelling used by former Minister Cho is ‘pal’, but the hotel does not follow this rule and uses ‘pel’.

The prosecution determined that former Minister Cho created false documents and obtained the corporate seal from a hotel official and filled them out himself.

The attribute information remained in the false resume file, and former Minister Cho Kuk’s English name was also written as is. In the prosecutor’s indictment against Mr. Cho, which was previously submitted to Rep. Yoo Sang-beom’s office (People Power Party) on the 30th, “Former Minister Cho Kook created documents in the name of the CEO of Aqua Palace Hotel on the computer of the professor’s lab at Seoul National University in

late July and early August 2009, and then “False documents were issued with a corporate seal stamped through a hotel official.”

Prosecutors said that Cho Min never worked as an intern at the hotel when she was in high school, but she consulted with her parents and created false work history documents to include her in the school records for the purpose of applying to college.

This document was found to be fake during the trial of former Minister Cho’s spouse, former Dongyang University professor Kyung-Shim Jeong.

The court ruled at the time, “It is judged that the hotel confirmation and training certificate were all written arbitrarily by former Minister Cho and then received the hotel’s corporate seal.” Hotel employees who attended the trial also testified that Mr. Cho had never interned.

Meanwhile, on the 10th, the prosecution indicted Mr. Cho on charges of using false official documents, obstruction of business, and obstruction of official duties through fraud.

Mr. Cho is accused of conspiring with former Minister Cho and former Professor Jeong to submit false documents to pass the document screening process at Seoul National University’s Graduate School of Medicine and finally to be accepted to the Pusan ​​National University Medical School.

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