“No one knew?” Someone asked me about the unusual ‘picture’ next to Yuna Kim.

Why is Yuna Kim here?”

A 30-second advertising video released by Cuchen on the 30th. Cuchen’s new rice cooker is here.

At the end of the video, figure skating queen Yuna Kim suddenly appears as the owner of the rice cooker. Although she only appears for a second or two, she creates an atmosphere that overwhelms the attention.

The reactions of people who saw the advertisement were also enthusiastic. “Even if I were a rice cooker, I would be amazed if the owner was Yuna Kim,” and “I never imagined Yuna Kim would appear in a rice cooker commercial.”

The video released on this day is a rice cooker teasing advertisement video for the new product ‘Brain’, and is a video that was released in advance of the main advertisement. As Yuna Kim appears as the owner of the rice cooker at the end of the advertisement, the full advertisement video is expected to be released later.

What the industry paid attention to was “How is Yuna Kim?” Yuna Kim, who still holds the status of the world’s figure skating queen, is an advertising model who has built the image of the ‘No. 1 brand’ in name and reality. Recently, she appeared again as an advertising model for SK Telecom, creating a hot topic and proving ‘Kim Yuna’s power.’

Cuchen’s main product is electric rice cookers. To the public, the fact that Yuna Kim is an advertising model for a product line called rice cookers may be unfamiliar. Moreover, Cuchen is the second largest brand in the electric rice cooker market, behind Cuckoo.

Previously, the domestic rice cooker market was divided between Cuckoo and Cuchen, but recently, Cuckoo has established itself as the overwhelming leader. Nevertheless, Yuna Kim’s choice was Cuchen, not Cuckoo. This is why the industry viewed this as unusual.

In the background is Cuchen CEO Park Jae-soon. According to the industry, it is known that Cuchen CEO Park Jae-soon played a major role in Yuna Kim being selected as an advertising model. CEO Park previously served as Vice President of Korea at Samsung Electronics and led the sales and marketing areas of Samsung Electronics products.

When CEO Park served as vice president of Samsung Electronics Korea, Yuna Kim served as an advertising model for the ‘Yuna’s Haptic’ cell phone series and Hausen Aiken. The song “Blow Sing Sing” sung by Yuna Kim herself in the advertisement was so popular that it was later talked about in various entertainment shows.

At that time, CEO Park and Yuna Kim were said to have built trust by working together for more than three years from 2009 to 2012. That relationship led to her becoming an advertising model for Cuchen. It is based on trust and loyalty between the two people토토사이트.

Cuchen said, “Based on the deep trust relationship we had with Yuna Kim at the time, she became Cuchen’s new advertising model.”

Cuchen’s new product ‘Brain’, with Yuna Kim as its advertising model, contains 10 representative rice varieties of Korea (Shindongjin, Saechungmu, Samkwang, Ilpoombyeo, Chindeul, Younghojinmi, Saeilmi, Chamdream, Odaemi, Alchanmi) and 5 functional grains. It is characterized by providing a customized cooking function. The product name was chosen as an abbreviation for ‘ brain ‘, meaning a

smart rice cooker that provides the best taste of all grains . Cuchen’s strategy is to take a leap forward by recruiting advertising model Kim Yeon-wa and launching new products. Right now, a rebound in performance is desperately needed. According to the Financial Supervisory Service’s electronic disclosure, in last year’s performance, Cuckoo Holdings recorded sales of KRW 755.6 billion, up 10% from the previous year. Of these, rice cooker sales accounted for 597.9 billion won. Cuchen’s sales last year were 164.1 billion won. An industry insider predicted, “This year will be an important time as we showed room for performance improvement last year.”

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