‘Let’s not be garbage’ hung in the subway station… what happened?

The last keyword is ‘garbage’.

The city of Seoul installed a sculpture in advance at a subway station near the Han River ahead of next month’s exhibition,

but it is said to be causing controversy.

This sculpture is a sculpture with the phrase ‘Let’s not be trash.’

It is yellow and large, so it can be seen at a glance from afar.

It was created by a domestic sculptor, and is said to contain the meaning of reflection and introspection on environmental issues.

The problem is that there is no separate sign that it is a work of art, and since this is a place that is often controversial for household waste, it is causing misunderstanding as if the phrase was aimed at citizens.

It is said that after the installation of the work, there have been a series of complaints saying that it is “uncomfortable”토토사이트 and “it makes me feel uncomfortable.”

A Seoul city official said, “We have not yet decided whether to demolish the work,” and said they were discussing it with the exhibition organizer.

It has been an issue keyword so far.

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