“The child came running” A couple who claimed ‘both assault’ after kicking the deputy driver… CCTV Bonnie

An assault occurred between the driver and the customer. The customer is claiming that it was assault on both sides, but check out the video to see if this is actually the case.

A man and a couple are arguing, and the couple’s child continues to spin around. The couple wanted to push the man away, but the man who was walking backward collided with the child. This couple eventually walks on the man’s legs, knocks them down, and even kicks them. Now, do you see this video as a double-sided assault?


Just looking at that video, it looks like a couple is unilaterally assaulting a man, right?


Yes, the man who fell is the surrogate driver, and the couple are the guests. Police were called to the scene, and the couple claimed the driver had pushed their child first. That’s why the emotions were intensified, and the assault came out, and they are claiming that both sides were assaulted.


The argument started before the assault happened. Why is that?


The substitute driver arrived at the scene for the customer who called and waited for 20 minutes. However, these guests were in a nearby car waiting for their party to arrive. At the same time, the voice rose, and even assault occurred for pushing the child. Let’s listen to the deputy driver’s story about how the situation was at the time.

[Deputy Knight/Victim (Chief Reporter): The child is running round and round in the middle of it. And when I took a step backwards and tried to push and hit him one more time from that side, the moment I turned around, a kid from the other side came running towards me and bumped into me. Suddenly from that side, ‘You hit my baby! You hit my baby!’


The child who bumped into the substitute driver ran around the parking lot, and the couple’s assault continued . Did you claim to be a victim?


There is also a video that the substitute driver took with his mobile phone belatedly. Let’s check the situation at the time.

[Violence Wife: Do you want to die? Are you the last one today?]

[Deputy driver/victim: You hit me well before filming?]스포츠토토

[Violent husband: Will you hit me? Hit me?]

[Violent wife: Ah, you’re still living like this… Is that what you learned?]


Yes, they claimed that they were right, and that the substitute driver hit our child too. Eventually, this deputy driver went to the police station and was investigated as a suspect. But the good thing is that there was a CCTV video that I showed you earlier . Thanks to this, it was proved that the proxy driver was the victim. The substitute driver said that he had no intention of reaching an agreement and wanted to be punished appropriately.


yes I heard you It’s a pity that I hear news of power abuse and violence too often these days.

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