“Only at home for 15 years…” 540,000 isolated and secluded young people who hid themselves

As many of the perpetrators of recent violent crimes are known as so-called ‘reclusive loners’, there are many voices of concern.

Experts call them ‘isolated and reclusive youth’.

The question is whether it is correct to view all of them as ‘potential criminals’.

I will intensively tell you how to understand those who have hidden themselves without being caught in statistics or research, starting today, on three separate occasions.

First, reporter Park Sol-ip covered the story.

◀ Report ▶

Yonggyeong, 37 years old, lives alone in a villa.

It’s the first time she’s let an outsider into this house since she moved in a year ago, and she feels very uncomfortable.

[Kim Yong-gyeong (pseudonym, voice change)]
“I cleaned it… It’s so dirty, I’m going crazy.”

Her desk is covered with household items.

These are towels, writing utensils, disposable utensils, and receipts for food ingredients.

Paper boxes full of things picked up.

[Kim Yong-kyung (pseudonym, voice change)]
“There were times when I didn’t go out for 2-3 weeks (out of the house)… I’m not working anywhere…”

All I did was going out to the supermarket in front of my house, right after graduating from college. I stayed at home for 15 years.

[Kim Yong-gyeong (pseudonym, voice change)]
“I think I have a lot of frustration and despair. As I keep getting older and falling apart (in the job search process), I often…”

In society, Yong-gyeong is called an ‘isolated and reclusive young man’.

[Kim Yong-gyeong (pseudonym, voice change)]
“My head hurts and my eyes hurt when I go outside. For now, I stay at home all the time… It’s hard to walk and my legs are shaking…” The

same is true for the families of isolated and secluded young people.

It was four years ago that his 39-year-old son, Hyun-woo, suddenly entered the room.

It was after he quit his job as a designer.

[Jung Hyun-woo’s mother (pseudonym, voice change)]
“The family is also getting sick. They ignore meals and conversations…”

In the meantime, the mother only saw her son twice.

[Jeong Hyun-woo’s mother (pseudonym, voice change)]
“I can’t see it and run away like a cockroach. When I meet you now, I look at the wall… Life and death are now lit up at night, so the house

of Ji-young, another isolated young man.

Laughter is gone.

[Hong Ji-young’s father (pseudonym, voice alteration)]
“He’s having such a hard time in the room, but we can’t live happily.”

There are no statistics on how many young people are isolated or secluded.

There are only estimates that it will be up to 540,000.

However, they have common characteristics.

It’s that you’re caught in a deep sense of self-blame.

[Professor Hyewon Kim/Department of Youth Culture Counseling, Hoseo University]
“They think that they are wrong, that they are lacking and that they are weak. Most people live well, but they think that it is their fault that they are left out and avoided.”

Unlike the perpetrators of the so-called ‘don’t토토사이트 ask crime’, they cannot easily escape.

[Professor Hyewon Kim/Department of Youth Culture Counseling, Hoseo University]
“To say ‘don’t ask, I’m a criminal’ is to put a great frame on both socially and personally.”

Even so, the eyes of the prickly world still sting, they hide in their own space today.

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