BTS V, who went to Tokyo, is caught in the hair… Japanese fans are also furious with “It’s too much”

When V, a member of BTS , suffered a hair loss by some extreme fans in Tokyo, Japan, voices of self-reflection are growing in Japan.

According to local media reports on the 24th, such as Gekkan Jose and Jcast News, on the 23rd, V, the global ambassador of the French luxury brand Celine, visited to celebrate the reopening of the brand’s Omotesando store in Tokyo, and was humiliated by some extreme fans. got hit

When it was announced that V would visit Tokyo for the first time in four years, Japanese fans began to gather in front of the Celine store like a cloud. A large number of fans gathered to fill the streets with anticipation that they would be able to see V.

When V appeared in front of the store, fans shouted his nickname ‘Tete’. In response to the support of the fans, V also waved his hand or gave him a high five and smiled.

The moment V was about to leave after the schedule was over, the behavior of some ignorant fans became a problem. Right before V left the store and boarded the pickup vehicle, a woman was caught reaching out and touching V’s hair.

Several staff members tried to stop the crowd of fans, but it is known that there were too many of them and could not stop them. A fan who witnessed this moment filmed a video and quickly spread it through various social network services ( SNS ).

In particular, after DJ Soda (real name Hwang So-hee) suffered sexual harassment in Osaka, Japan, more heated opinions were poured into the commotion surrounding V.

Japanese netizens commented on the post, “I wish (V) went back in a good mood, but this is too bad” “What if I get hurt?” In the end, I did n’t learn anything from DJ Soda’s disturbance토토사이트” It’s no different from action,” he added in the comments.

1st place in ‘K- Pop Male Idol Ranking’ in Japan for 119 weeks

Not only in Korea, but also in Japan, V ranks first in various popularity polls in a row, boasting a syndrome-like popularity.

From July 3rd to 9th, in the ‘K -Pop Male Idol Ranking’ poll conducted by ‘ NEHAN ‘, a popular Japanese idol ranking site , he won 18,576 votes and set an amazing record of winning first place for 119 consecutive weeks. During the same period , in the ‘Most Popular Korean Male Actors in their 20s’ survey conducted by ‘Bihan’ ( BIHAN ), he also took first place for 115 consecutive weeks with 17,403 votes. In particular, V ranked first in the top 100 personal popularity ranking of ‘K- Pop Juice’ ( KPOP JUICE ) throughout the entire period, showing off his unrivaled popularity by breaking the cumulative number of votes by 3.5 million for the first time in K-pop idol history. V’s recent live clip of ‘Le Jazz de V’ , a cover of a jazz song, has surpassed 11 million views on YouTube and is gaining explosive popularity as an emotional vocalist. attention is focused on

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