Teachers and schools participate in the ‘designation of 49 discretionary holidays for teachers in Seoi Elementary School’

49 teachers at Seoi-cho, Seoul About 200 schools have opened to join teachers’ proposal to set September 4 as the day to stop public education.

According to an exclusive report by OhmyNews, 66,000 teachers from more than 9,500 schools across the country joined the signature campaign proposed by a teacher who was active in the online community for elementary school teachers, ‘Indie School’. On September 4th, 268 schools responded to the school report on the discretionary holiday.

The principal of an elementary school in Seoul told OhmyNews, “It is the principal’s authority to designate a discretionary holiday. Teachers requested designation through a meeting, and there was no disagreement, so it was decided.”

Principals of elementary schools in downtown토토사이트 Seoul collectively requested the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education to designate September 4 as a discretionary holiday.

According to Edupress, the representative principals of 11 education support offices in Seoul held a meeting with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education on the 23rd and conveyed their position to the office of education.

The Office of Education is in a position to guide the guidelines as soon as possible after reviewing the legal principles.

Meanwhile, Lim Tae-hee, superintendent of the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education, posted on Facebook on the 23rd, “I fully understand the feelings of the teachers, but stopping student classes cannot be justified under any circumstances.” I earnestly appeal to you to focus on your school education.”

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