A cafe pervert who did ‘that’ for 4 hours… finally embroidered

A man in his 40s who fled after committing lewd acts for four hours at a cafe in Incheon where the female owner is alone turned himself in 14 days after the crime.

According to the police on the 24th, the Michuhol Police Station in Incheon booked and investigated a man in his 40s without detention on charges of lewd performance.

Mr. A is accused of committing an obscene act for 4 hours at a cafe in Michuhol-gu on the 10th.

It is known that Mr. A is appealing for her leniency.

On the 22nd, a self-employed online community called ‘Because It Hurts, I’m the Boss’ posted a post titled ‘A pervert came to the cafe’.

Writer B, who introduced himself as having been running the cafe for 7 years, said, “There is a male customer who came from time to time before the corona, but after the corona calmed down, he came back these days and greeted each other happily.” I have been there before.”

Mr. B said he thought this customer was a ‘thankful 토토사이트guest’ who ordered cafe latte, 3 bottles of Cass, and a glass of milk tea for 4 hours. I wrote that I checked the CCTV because the behavior was repeated and looked strange.

What Mr. B faced through the CCTV was the image of the customer engaging in lewd behavior.

Mr. B, who said that he was creepy and scared at the time, said, “I asked my sister, a regular in the neighborhood, to come because a pervert came, but she came right away and sat down.

Mr. B complained of pain, saying, “I feel like I’ve been watching CCTV for no reason, and running the cafe was so much fun, but I don’t want to do it and I’m stressed.”

Afterwards, what Mr. B experienced was reported through the media, and public outcry arose.

When the police launched a full-scale investigation, Mr. A turned himself in at the Michuhol Police Station at 7:30 pm on the 23rd.

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