Lee Hwa-young “Requested for a private lawyer opportunity”, but…

At the trial of Lee Hwa-young, former vice-governor of peace in Gyeonggi-do, who fell into a situation where an actual lawyer was absent after resigning from the lawyers of Hae-gwang following the law firm Deok-soo, the prosecution openly argued that “organized sabotage is suspected.”

On the 22nd at 10:00 a.m., at the 43rd morning hearing of the 11th Criminal Division (Chief Judge Shin Jin-woo) of the Suwon District Court, Prosecutor Park Sang-yong of the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office said, “The current (trial delay) situation is simply between the accused and his family. It is difficult to see it as a disagreement or difference of opinion,” he said. “I doubt whether it is someone’s systematic obstruction of justice to prevent the accused from telling the truth in court.”

In the explanation that followed, Prosecutor Park mentioned Park Chan-dae, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea. On the 13th of last month, Rep. Park met with Lee Amugae, the acting chairman of the Yong In-gap regional committee of the Democratic Party, who was an aide to former vice-governor Lee, and suggested that he would help with whatever the party could do with Lee Hwa-young. that the call was connected with

The prosecution claims that all subsequent letters from Mr. Baek and former deputy governor Lee’s letter from prison are related to this. The prosecution emphasized that Mr. Baek’s submission of the dismissal report of Hae-gwang’s defense team and the resignation of Deok-soo’s defense team after attending the trial were “someone’s systematic obstruction of justice.” However, the prosecution only listed the cases in chronological order, but could not explain how they were related in detail.

Prosecution “Appreciation of the court’s public defender decision… Continuous public selection required”

Former vice-governor Lee asked the judge at the trial that day, “I am sincerely sorry that this situation has come to pass.” At the same time, he said, “I recently met with a lawyer named Kim (to discuss seniority).”

However, the judge said, “Since it cannot be expected that a privately defended lawyer will be appointed at this time, we will select a public defender and proceed with the trial this afternoon.” If that happens, we will take appropriate measures, such as appointing additional public officials so that the accused can properly receive the assistance of a lawyer, just as Hae-gwang asked for his resignation.”

Attorney Kim, who was mentioned by the former deputy governor, is a lawyer who received a request for appointment and interviewed the former deputy governor four times during the 41st and 42nd trials. He is an aide to former deputy governor Lee and is also a lawyer for former Gyeonggi-do Peace and Cooperation Director Amugae Shin, who is currently in custody.

On the afternoon of the 21st, the day before토토사이트 the trial, Attorney Kim tried to meet with former Deputy Governor Lee at the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office to discuss whether or not to appoint a lawyer, but the meeting suddenly failed. Attorney Kim told <Oh My News>, “At 16:00 on the 21st, (former vice-governor Lee) had a meeting scheduled at the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office,” and “but the interview was suddenly canceled and the meeting did not take place.”

At the trial, when questions and answers about attorney Kim continued between the judge and the former deputy governor, the prosecution intervened and said, “As far as we know, lawyer Kim Amugae has not been appointed, so it is difficult to have a substantive discussion (with the defendant) about the case. “He also made a statement.

Regarding the appointment of a public defender by the prosecution, the prosecution said, “I am grateful that (the court) recognized the seriousness of the case and decided to appoint a public defender.” I think it will be necessary to select a lawyer, and I ask for a speedy trial.”

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