“Pizza came out of Paris” 1 star… It turned out to be a synthesis of ‘Google flies’

Netizens were outraged when the story of a customer who demanded a refund by synthesizing a picture of a fly, claiming that a pizza had bugs in it, was known.

On the 21st, in a self-employed community, a self-employed person, A, asked for advice, saying that there was a customer who requested payment cancellation while sending composite photos.

Writer A, who runs a pasta shop, received an order for three pastas and two pizzas through a delivery app on the afternoon of the 18th and completed the delivery around 6:40 pm.

However, after midnight, the customer requested to cancel the payment through the delivery app, saying that the food had bugs.

Mr. A was suspicious that he requested to cancel the payment a long time after receiving the food, so he decided to take action after collecting the food. The customer claimed not to have touched the food, but the actual recalled food was not.

Mr. A said, “There was no pasta at all. There was only one slice of the pizza that had bugs in it. He ate one slice of the other pizza and left the other slice,” he said.

Mr. A asked the customer if there was a picture of the bug, and the customer sent a picture.

After receiving the photo, Mr. A felt absurd to see the fly appear to have been synthesized and sought advice from the self-employed community.

Netizens showed reactions such as “It looks like synthetic”, “Paris alone is clear”, “It looks like synthetic”.

At this time, a netizen said, “It is a composite of photos of Paris obtained from Google and blurred. The number of legs, wings, and eye shape are the same. When compositing, the left wing was deleted. Don’t be fooled.

Mr. A, who learned the truth, was angry, but he was afraid that he would be harmed, so he tried to endure it.

However, the customer posted a composite photo of Paris on the delivery app and said, “I don’t know the taste because I haven’t eaten it. unsanitary I do not recommend it” and left a토토사이트 malicious review and 1 star.

Furious, Mr. A warned the customer of legal action, saying, “I will not stand still,” and the review was subsequently deleted.

Meanwhile, as delivery apps have become a major sales force for restaurants, the damage to self-employed people due to ‘malicious reviews’ has become a social problem.

In the meantime, reviews have been subject to restrictions on measures such as deletion or user restrictions as a consumer right, but delivery apps have begun to solve the problem by revising the terms and conditions.

The government is also actively preparing measures to prevent damage from malicious reviews.

Earlier, the Korea Communications Commission announced the ‘Platform Service Review/Star Rating System Improvement Guidelines’. This is to prevent platform users from suffering economic damage due to exaggerated and deceptive information.

The main point of the amendment is to require the platform to take necessary measures to prevent the information from being distributed if the information in circulation meets certain requirements, such as obvious exaggeration and irreversible damage is expected

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