10-year-old ‘Gifted’ who entered Seoul Science High School withdrew… Allegations of “serious abuse”

Baek Kang-hyun, who became a hot topic after entering Seoul Science High School at the age of 10 this year, decided to drop out after one semester. This fact was known through Baek-gun’s YouTube on the 19th, and it is known that serious school violence was the background, and a wave is expected.

Initially, in the video uploaded on the same day, Baekgun said, “I dropped out of Seoul Science High School on the 18th.” You saw me,” he said. 

“I told my father that I would quit school, and he readily agreed,” he said. “I will compose my favorite songs, make board games, attend taekwondo academies, and prepare hard for the college entrance exam.” 

In this video, Baek also expressed his friendliness by calling the students in the same class at Seoul Science High School as ‘brother’ and ‘sister’. 

However, on the morning of the 20th, Baek-gun’s father posted a video claiming that he had received a threatening email about his son, and the atmosphere suddenly changed within a day.

According to the video he posted, ‘Kang Hyun Mom!! The e-mail with the subject line, “Seolgwak (Seoul Science High School) senior mom!” said, “Everyone knows that Kang Hyun-i only solved one math question out of all subjects in the midterm exam. ‘ Everyone reacted like that,” he said.

He said, “I know that he passed only with a self-written letter and basic academic ability evaluation in the first class as a typical Sapaeja (person subject to social consideration) without taking the exam!!! Society thinks he’s a genius, but his mother seems to think he’s a genius too.” I knew the alphabet when I was 17 months old, and I knew how to do all the arithmetic operations on my own when I was 4 years old.” 

Listening to the contents of the YouTube video announcing his withdrawal this time, Baek-gun He also demanded, “Please delete YouTube and stop telling lies that damage토토사이트 the school-related image.”

In response to this, Baek’s father said in a refutation email sent to the author (‘Senior Mom’), “I will formally accuse you of sending rude emails.”

In addition, “Kanghyun also took the exam for the 2nd and 3rd period, and out of the 20 students outside the quota, he was included in 7 students in order of grades and passed.” Do you feel comfortable when you denigrate ”” so much? I got good grades evenly in all subjects.” 

In addition, it was argued that Kang Hyun-gun’s decision to drop out came from ‘academic violence’. It is not because I couldn’t keep up with my studies, but “I quit because of serious school violence that came to the point of being accused by the police.”

Baek’s father announced that he would reveal in the next video the school violence he suffered and the actual reason for dropping out, saying, “It was the fact that there was no consideration or support from the school for the root cause of school violence, which I fear most and take seriously.”

Previously, Baek-gun became a hot topic by appearing on SBS ‘Gifted and Talented Exploration Team’ in 2016 when he was 41 months old, revealing his outstanding talent in mathematics and music.

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