“I went to work during school vacation”… Mourning over the death of the victim of ‘Sillim-dong sexual assault’

Controversy is mounting as news spreads that a victim who was assaulted and sexually assaulted by a man named Choi (30) died on the 19th in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul. Some opinions came out calling for strict punishment, such as calling for the ‘resurrection of the death penalty’.

According to the police on the 20th, the Seoul Gwanak Police Station changed the charge of Choi, who hit and sexually assaulted a woman victim in a park in Sillim-dong on the morning of the 17th, from ‘rape injury’ to ‘rape and murder’ under the Punishment of Sexual Violence Act. After she was taken to the hospital, she did not regain consciousness and died at around 3:40 pm on the 19th, two days after the incident, and the police changed her charges.

She said that she was working as a teacher at an elementary school in Gwanak-gu, Seoul. In an interview with SBS on the 18th, Mr. A’s older brother said, “Because he (Mr. A) is in Seoul and we are in Busan, he called whenever we had a chance, saying, ‘A typhoon is coming’ or ‘It’s raining.’ “I was grieved that I was a daughter who took good care of her family,” he said. In particular, when a riot with a weapon occurred in the Sillim Station area on the 21st of last month, her family asked Mr. A, who lived in Gwanak-gu, to “be careful.”

It is known that Mr. A suffered a catastrophe while going to work to receive training for teaching staff, which was scheduled for 2:00 pm ahead of the opening of school. A post left by a citizen who identified himself as an acquaintance of Mr. A is being shared in the online community. The author wrote, “Mr. A was not exercising,” and “during the vacation, he was on his way to work to plan and participate in training under the토토사이트 direction of the principal.” Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Superintendent Cho Hee-yeon visited the mortuary the afternoon before and paid his condolences to reporters, saying, “Listening to the bereaved family, it seems that it falls under an official disaster to some extent.” said.

When the story of Mr. A became known, condolences to the deceased poured out online. Netizens couldn’t hide their sadness, such as “She was said to have been a filial daughter, but it hurts her heart so much that she passed away” and “I am upset when I think of how heartbreaking her family will be.” There was also an opinion calling for the ‘resurrection of the death penalty’, referring to a series of heinous crimes such as the recent murder case. One netizen emphasized, “The resentment of the victims and bereaved families can only be relieved to some extent by the death penalty.” Another netizen also said, “Why do hard-working people have to die at the hands of people who don’t even look like human beings?”

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