“Honestly, the entire school was in last place, and the image of the school should not be damaged”… Baek Kang-hyeon’s father’s emails exposed

Baek Kang-hyun (12), a member of the ‘Gifted and Talented Exploration Team’ who entered Seoul Science High School this year, dropped out of school, and Baek’s father revealed an e-mail he received from his senior mother.

On the 20th, Baek-gun’s father uploaded a video titled ‘Baek Kang-hyun, Senior Mom’s Email Revealed’ on the ‘Baek Kang-hyeon’ YouTube channel. He also foreshadowed the disclosure of the school violence Kang Hyun-yi suffered in the future and the actual reason for dropping out.

According to the video, the senior mom said, “Parents at school were excited when Kang Hyun said that he could only solve one math problem out of all subjects in the midterm exam. She didn’t even take the test at school, and the response was that the school was wrong,” she said.

It is said that the image of students and graduates of Seoul Science High School must be prevented.

He continued, “I think he’s a genius in society, but even at 17 months old, my child couldn’t speak, but he knew the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.” Still, I didn’t think he was a genius at all, I thought he was a really smart kid.”

Finally, he said, “I can’t honestly say that I was in last place in the entire school and didn’t understand the class, but at least don’t do things that damage the image of school students.”

Baek-gun’s father refuted the contents of the senior mom’s e-mail through a reply.

The senior mother insisted that Baek Kang-hyeon passed the school only through document screening and the first class exam. However, she explained that, like other students, after taking the regular exam, she was placed in the top 7 out of 20 students in order of grades.

Regarding the story of a senior mom who solved only one math problem in the midterm exam, she said, “I didn’t get an outstanding score, but I got good grades evenly in all subjects.” I cried because I couldn’t solve it even though I had it,” he said토토사이트.

“Kanghyun didn’t drop out of school because he couldn’t keep up with his studies,” he said. “He quit school because of serious school violence. She was on the verge of filing a police complaint,” she said.

Baek’s father said in a comment on the previous video that Baek Kang-hyeon said at school, “The fact that you are here at Seoul Science High School is deceiving the entire nation.” He claimed to have heard verbal abuse. He added that he often alienated them from the group, such as not talking to them all day.

On the other hand, the previous day, Baekgun announced the dropout through a video saying that he had dropped out of Seoul Science High School.

In the video, Baek said, “I memorized mathematical formulas in a hurry while brushing my teeth in the morning on my way to school after vacation the other day. Then, in the mirror, I saw myself becoming a problem-solving machine. Baek Kang-hyun is leaving now. He is like a dandelion spore.”

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