“It’s difficult because the school-age population is decreasing”… Reconstruction complexes ‘suffering’ from the inability to build new schools

Dunchon Jugong, intensifying conflict due to relocation and extension of middle schools
In some cases, the problem of ‘overcrowded classes’ also

occurred frequently when complexes that secured school land and promoted maintenance projects were belatedly notified by the Office of Education that ‘new schools cannot be established’. are doing As it became difficult to establish new schools in the complex due to the decrease in the school age population, residents are protesting against the plan to move nearby schools into the complex.

According to the maintenance industry on the 19th, the reconstruction association of Dunchon Jugong (Olympic Park Foreon), which entered Dunchon 1-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, is in sharp conflict with the residents of nearby Dunchon 2-dong and Seongnae 3-dong due to the relocation of ‘Hansan Middle School’. Gangdong Songpa Office of Education decided to relocate and expand ‘Hansan Middle School’, which is 400m away from Dunchon Jugong, within the complex (after apartment reconstruction). Hansan Middle School decided to collect the opinions of parents and residents of the Dunchon-dong area on the relocation and extension by the 23rd.

Originally, Dunchon Jugong planned to establish a new elementary and middle school in the complex. In August 2014, the Office of Education and the union signed an agreement on the donation of school land. However, in 2020, it was judged that it was impossible to establish a new Dunchon 1 Elementary and Middle School (tentative name).

The support office calculated that the number of middle school students will increase to 1096 when Dunchon Jugong completes the reconstruction project and 12,032 households move in by 2025. Even if the school site is prepared, the Seoul Office of Education approves the establishment of additional schools only when the number of students per school and 34 students per class are met, based on the district. The education authorities are taking a conservative stance on the establishment of new schools considering the reduced school age population.

The support office is in the position that if the extension is made at the location where the existing Hansan Middle School is located, the playground and special classrooms will be reduced, which will create restrictions on the operation of the curriculum. In addition, it was seen that the right to study was violated due to construction noise and dust. However, it is of the opinion that if it is moved to the Dunchon Jugong complex and expanded, the educational process does not have to be interrupted until the new construction is completed, and the infringement on the right to learning can be minimized.

An official from the Gangdong Songpa Office of Education said, “After reviewing the Ministry of Education, it was decided that a new school could not be built due to the decrease in the school age population.” The agency plans to complete construction of Hansan Middle School by March 2027, two years after Dunchon Jugong moved in.

As such, when the decision to relocate and expand Hansan Middle School was made, nearby residents protested. However, it is a problem that residents can react sensitively in that nearby schools influence not only students’ right to study but also house prices. They are taking group actions, such as creating an online signature campaign by creating the ‘Hansanjung Jikimi Movement Headquarters’. Currently, there are apartment complexes such as Dunchon 2nd Hyundai, Dunchon Hite, and Dunchon Shindong Afamilie near Hansan Middle School.

A parent living in Dunchon 2-dong criticized, saying, “Dunchon Jugong Complex and current Hansan Middle School are only 400 meters away.”

As it becomes difficult to establish new schools, some places are suffering from the problem of ‘overcrowded classes’. Gangdong Lien Park Complex 14 in Godeok Gangil District 3 is a representative example. Residents have requested the establishment of an elementary school on the school site owned by 토토사이트SH Corporation, but the Ministry of Education is refusing to do so because the school age population has decreased. Elementary school students in this complex are currently commuting to Gangsol Elementary School, which is 30 minutes away. Currently, SH Corporation and residents are known to be reviewing a Seoul-type branch school as an alternative.

Bangbae District 5 (DH Bangbae, aerial view), a reconstruction project located in Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, decided to include sports facilities instead of an elementary school. The elementary school site has already been allocated, but the Office of Education expressed its position that it is difficult to promote the establishment. In this process, it is known that there were not a few differences of opinion among the members. Most of the union members are elderly, and some are in the position that ‘Copoom-a (apartment with an elementary school)’ is advantageous when renting or selling in the future.

An official from the maintenance industry said, “It is not that the Ministry of Education, which needs to invest blood tax, does not understand that it is difficult to review new establishments in consideration of the decrease in the school-age population.” I think that should be considered first.”

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