Squat pull-ups at full term… Brazilian female firefighter, ‘tailwind’ the next day

A female firefighter in Brazil has become a hot topic by revealing a fierce workout with a pregnant body. This woman is known to have done her push-ups and pull-ups on the day of her birth, which is surprising.

On the 16th (local time), the British Daily Mirror reported that Gabriela Andrade, 34, a firefighter in Brazil’s Espirito Santo state, gave birth to a healthy son after exercising vigorously on the day of her birth.

According to reports, Gabriella has been exercising regularly and did not stop exercising even after becoming pregnant.

During the 40 weeks leading up to his pregnancy and delivery, he shared pictures of himself working out with his husband on his Instagram account.

In the video he uploaded, he was shown doing squats and pull-ups with a full-term body. There are even scenes where he does push-ups at high speed even though his bloated belly is braided to the ground. Posting this video, Gabriela said, “I was 40 weeks pregnant.”

When some netizens who watched the video were concerned about the safety of the fetus, Gabriela explained, “I exercised with the doctor’s permission.” “The fact that I’m pregnant cannot interfere with my rigorous exercise habits,” he added.

A day after posting her pregnancy video토토사이트, Gabriela revealed that she gave birth to her second healthy son.

When he announced the news of his birth on his Instagram, saying, “His son Matheus came out exactly on the due date,” the post received more than 55,000 ‘likes’ and more than 2,000 comments. He currently has over 130,000 followers.

Netizens responded with support and encouragement, such as “Congratulations”, “It’s really great”, and “You inspired us all”.

Gabriella said, “I wish many women would increase their self-esteem through exercise and take care of their health. I feel happy and honored that my figure motivates me.”

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