Pre-Jamboree’, which was canceled due to corona last year, was unable to land reclamation

It was found that Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree-related organizations were unable to resolve the fact that the Pre-Jamboree, a pre-inspection event for the main Jamboree event, would be difficult to hold in August of last year due to land reclamation issues even after realizing from early 2018, the initial stage of preparation for the Jamboree. The Jamboree Organizing Committee cited the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) as the reason for canceling the Pre-Jamboree, but in reality it turned out to be due to lack of preparation, such as not reclamation of the site. It is pointed out that the related organizations virtually neglected the problems identified six years ago, leading to the cancellation of the Pre-Jamboree and the disruption of the Jamboree.

● From 2018 “land reclamation completed at the end of 2022”

According to the ‘Report on the Results of Working Meetings of Organizations Related to the Jamboree Competition’ from January 2018 to March 2020 obtained by The Dong-A Ilbo through the People’s Power Office of Congressman Woo-Taek Jeong, the Jamboree Organizing Committee, including the Office for Government Policy Coordination, Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Jeonbuk Province, and Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, etc. and the agencies affiliated with the executive committee knew six years ago that it would be difficult for the Prejamboree to be held on schedule.

According to the report data, at a meeting held on January 19, 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs expressed its opinion about the Jamboree site reclamation project plan, saying, “The project period takes 61 months, so it needs to be shortened through prompt consultation.” The project period of 61 months is from the establishment of the basic plan for reclamation of the Jamboree site in 2018 to the order and start of construction in the first half of 2020, and completion by the end of 2022. The Jamboree host country usually holds a Pre-Jamboree a year or two before the main event to check the preparations. This is because pre-inspection is essential before tens of thousands of young people around the world gather. However, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, it was difficult to hold the Pre-Jamboree in the first place.

At the next meeting, on January 31, 2018, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family expressed an opinion that “it is necessary to complete the reclamation of the Jamboree site by February 2022 in order to hold the Pre-Jamboree in August 2022.” However, even after that, the related organizations only repeated opinions such as “We need prompt consultations” and “We will hold a Pre-Jamboree in 2021 or 2022”, but the actual construction period was not advanced. In the end, as related organizations failed to come up with a solution, the Jamboree site reclamation started on January 20, 2020 and was completed on December 16, 2022, similar to the schedule initially feared by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

In the end, the Pre-Jamboree, which was scheduled for August 2-7 last year, was canceled on July 19 last year, two weeks before the event. At the time, the organizing committee said, “The decision was made following the resurgence of Corona 19.” However, immediately after the cancellation of the Prejambore, the Gender Equality and Family Committee of the National Assembly pointed out in a review report on the settlement of accounts that “there was a skeptical position about holding the event normally because the infrastructure was not properly equipped.”

It was found that related organizations토토사이트 also reviewed the situation in which the Pre-Jamboree would be held at a location other than the Saemangeum Jamboree site from February 2018. Relevant organizations agreed that “if it is not possible to hold the event at the Jamboree site, the Korean (Scout) Federation will review the plan to hold it in another region.” Criticism is also raised that trying to hold a pre-inspection event in a different location is inconsistent.

● Relevant institutions are interested in ashes firstAccording to the data of the working-level meeting, it was also revealed that the related organizations were interested in the ashes first rather than preparing for the event.

Since January 2018, the Ministry of Gender Equality and the Korea Scout Federation have had several disagreements and confrontations over where to revert the remaining property after the dissolution of the Jamboree Organizing Committee. Jeonbuk-do requested 70% of the national treasury for the installation of sewage treatment facilities at the beginning of Saemangeum next to the Jamboree site. Relevant organizations also spent time at the meeting requesting the inclusion of personnel from their own organizations in the composition of the organizing committee secretariat.

Rep. Woo-taek Jeong said, “It is a serious dereliction of duty to not prepare the site environment and infrastructure to host the event even after confirming the bid six years ago.” is needed,” he pointed out.

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