A week after the end of the activity…Kim Eo-Jun’s YouTube innovation committee members

On the 17th, members of the Democratic Party’s innovation committee appeared on TV personality Kim Eo-jun’s YouTube channel and demanded that the innovation plan be accepted. It’s been a week since we announced the end of our activities. When lawmakers protested against the innovation plan aimed at reducing the representative system and strengthening the disadvantages of nomination for incumbent members, strong supporters appeared on the YouTube channel, which is the main viewer, and appealed for support.

Attorney Kim Nam-hee, who served as the spokesperson for the Democratic Party’s Innovation Committee, said on Mr. Kim’s broadcast, “The party members’ petition (to pass the innovation plan as it is) exceeded 50,000 in three days, and I hope lawmakers will think broadly.” Suh Bok-kyung, CEO of The Possible Research Institute, who was an innovation member, explained, “It is not the exercise of the right to amend the party constitution and regulations at the general assembly.” Mr. Kim Eo-jun said, “The president is also elected by one person, one vote, but why some people have 100 votes, of course it can be said that it is a distorted structure.” On this day, there were no questions related to Innovation Committee Chairman Kim Eun-kyung.

The Innovation Committee announced the innovation plan on the 10th and said, “The Innovation Committee activities will be finished today.” He ended his activities ahead of schedule, suffering from various controversies such as Chairman Kim’s토토사이트 ‘remarks derogatory to the elderly’. However, inside and outside the party, there is an evaluation that it is a “failed innovation committee.” Members of the non-myeong-gye group protested against the contents of the innovation plan at the general meeting of the lawmakers on the 16th.

In this situation, it is pointed out that the innovation committee’s appearance on Kim Eo-jun’s YouTube is a movement to emphasize and elicit reactions from strong supporters such as the so-called ‘dog daughter’. In the meantime, when opposition figures were embroiled in controversy or in crisis, they used to come out on Kim Eo-jun’s YouTube and mobilize their supporters. Recently, lawmaker Kim Nam-guk appeared immediately after leaving the office due to the coin controversy and said, “I will stand alone in the wilderness to clear all suspicions.” I lived without shame.” Mr. Kim Eo-jun said, “I think we should watch the progress of the (innovation plan) a little more and invite it once again. I only tasted it today,” he said.

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