Two-child households also receive a ‘special service’

Households with two children will receive government support for multiple children. The standard for having multiple children has been drastically relaxed from 3 children to 2 children.

The Ministry of Education held a meeting of ministers of social relations on the 16th and announced the ‘Direction to Improve Support for Households with Multiple Children’, which expands the standard for supporting multi-child households from 3 children to 2 children. According to the announcement, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport plans to change the standard for special supply of multiple children in public housing units from 3 children to 2 children by the end of this year, and to ease the standard for special supply of private housing units to 2 children. The standards for exemption and reduction of automobile acquisition tax are also eased from households with three children under the age of 18 to two children.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism unifies discount benefits for national cultural facilities such as national theaters and museums to two children. In addition, currently, discounts at cultural facilities can be obtained only when a multi-child preferential card is issued, but from now on, it will be accepted even if documentary evidence such as a family relationship certificate is submitted in addition to the card. A plan to create a ‘fast track’ is토토사이트 also being reviewed so that visitors with infants can enter first when they go to museums or exhibition halls.

The scope of support for children’s educational services will also be expanded. Currently, dual-income or low-income families and single-parent families can apply for after-school care classes in elementary schools, but households with two children are also eligible. The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is considering an additional discount for multi-child households on the use of the ‘child care service’, which dispatches caregivers for infants and toddlers to their homes.

Meanwhile, the standard for multiple children for various support projects in 17 metropolitan governments across the country is unified to two children. Busan City plans to support elementary, middle, and high school education expenses, which were mainly supported starting from the third child in October, through an ordinance revision.

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