“To shoot New Jeans Apple commercials with a Galaxy”…Chungju-si public relations man, another jackpot

Kim Seon-tae, the ‘Chungju City Public Relations Man’, created another ‘masterpiece’.

On the 9th, Public Relations Man Kim Joo-gwan uploaded a 13-second video titled ‘Public Relations Man – New Jeans’ ETA ‘ music video on Chungju City’s YouTube channel.

As the title suggests, the concept is that Kim Joo-mugwan shoots a music video with his mobile phone to the hit new song ‘ ETA’ by the group New Jeans.

But if you see an ad, you’ll know right away. That this video is a parody of New Jeans’ iPhone advertisement that comes out when you turn the TV channel recently.

New Jeans’ ‘ ETA’ music video was produced as part of the ‘ Shot on iPhone 14 pro ‘ campaign. Shot on iPhone is a campaign in which famous singers or film directors shoot their works with an iPhone. The New Jeans music video was filmed by Shin Woo-seok as an iPhone 14 Pro model.

The story is that while the members of New Jeans are performing at a party, they witness a scene in which a friend’s boyfriend approaches a strange woman, and during the performance, they take pictures with their iPhones and send them to their friends.

And the making of this music video was used as an iPhone TV CF. Director Shin captures New Jeans’ intense dance movements neatly and without shaking with an iPhone.

Superintendent Kim did the same ‘acting’ as Director Shin. If Director Shin, wearing a T-shirt and a black beanie, is busy recording New Jeans on his cell phone, Kim, the director, is also wearing a beanie and is busy moving his cell phone.

Of course, the biggest difference is that there is no New Jeans in front. Nevertheless, Kim’s properly focused eyes are the point of appreciation that gives a special laugh.

The reaction to the ingenious concept is hot. As of 4:00 pm on the 14th, 5 days after uploading, it is recording 1.38 million views on YouTube. More than 4200 comments were also posted. The number of views on YouTube shorts reached 450,000.

Netizens posted memes such as “I am proud as a citizen who passed Chungju on my travels”, “I am proud as a citizen who has never been to Chungju”, “I am proud as a citizen of Seoul who served in the military in Chungju”, “I am proud as a public relations man”. (Online trend) Responded with comments.

In addition, netizens admire the fact that the mobile토토사이트 phone that Kim is holding is a Galaxy. “It’s funnier when it’s not an iPhone”, “Promoting a savvy Galaxy”, “I’m taking selfies every time I look at it”, “I exploded while filming an Apple advertisement for New Jeans with my Galaxy”, and “Samsung should send me a Galaxy phone”, etc., and so on.

Seon-tae Kim is the first-class contributor who made YouTube in Chungju City the No. 1 target YouTube for benchmarking by government offices across the country. In 2019, ‘The Mayor ordered it! After first making his face public through the ‘Chungju Civil Servant Vlog’ video, he has been gaining popularity with quirky and witty content that is difficult to find on public institution YouTube. Chungju City was properly publicized on YouTube, and Kim Joo-mugwan also became a YouTube star.

The video of the public official coffin dance, which promoted social distancing in the midst of the corona pandemic three years ago, currently has 8,736,500 views.

Thanks to this, the number of YouTube channel subscribers in Chungju City is 392,000 as of the 14th, which is the highest among local government YouTube channels including Seoul.

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