Cho Kyung-tae “I’m ashamed that Moon Jae-in was our country’s president”

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[Head-to-head match] Cho Kyung-tae “Moon Jae-in, it is embarrassing that he was the president of our country”

– Pardon Kim Tae-woo, running and pardon should be separated… do not nominate
– Statements related to the Jamboree and Busan Expo, not
mature To live as a forgotten person
– Kim Hyun-sook, the controversial part should be pointed out… Political reform should be opened by the special political committee
– Lee Jun-seok, you have to worry about your own district… It is difficult to predict booleans and wool

◇ Professor Shin Yul of the Department of Political Science and Diplomacy at Myongji University (hereafter referred to as Shin Yul)> YTN Radio ‘Shin Yul’s News Head-to-head Match’ Part 2, today’s ‘Yeouido Head-to-head Match’ connects Rep. Jo Gyeong-tae of People’s Power to listen to the ruling party’s position on major issues Let’s see. hello?

◆ Cho Gyeong-tae, Member of the People’s Power (hereafter Cho Kyung-tae)> Yes, hello.

◇ Sinyul> It is said that the third special pardon was carried out under the Yoon Seok-yeol administration, but the focus now is Kim Tae-woo, former head of Gangseo-gu, Seoul. From the perspective of Congressman Cho, do you think that former mayor Kim Tae-woo should run?

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> Actually, amnesty is the president’s own authority. So, considering various circumstances, I think I should respect it because I probably pardoned it. Another is that Kim Tae-woo, the former head of the district, sees it as a special case as a public informant, so of course the Supreme Court’s ruling must be respected, but the president’s pardon must also be respected. I’m watching it like this. However, running for office and pardon should be considered separately. I am looking at it like this.

◇ Shinyul> Running for office and pardon must be separated.

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> Isn’t the by-election caused anyway because he was convicted by the Supreme Court? If so, the reason for the blame is anyway in the power of the people, in our party. Then, as promised, my party took some responsibility for the part where the people were at fault for this part. Didn’t our party criticize it a lot? If so, it would be better for our party to not do that. If I were to give my personal opinion, I’m looking at it like this, isn’t it right not to give a candidate?

◇ Shinyul> You just said that it was attributable, but a reason attributable is a reason attributable. In other words, the power of the people provided the cause for the by-election. But the problem is, in the case of the power of the people now, the former head of the district, Kim Tae-woo, is in the position of a public interest informant. In fact, this person is in an unfair position because he is a public interest informant. Isn’t this your position?

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> Anyway, I think we should respect the judgment of the judiciary of the Supreme Court. And isn’t the president pardoned because it was judged unfair? Then, since that is the president’s inherent authority, it must be respected. Regarding the amnesty, I see it as a part that I can be respected enough. However, in terms of running, I wonder if it costs a lot for us to hold a by-election? So, it is a principle to respect the guilt of the judiciary in this part as well. I am looking at it like this. If you give me an opinion, we shouldn’t run a candidate on the side that provided the cause. I think so.

◇ Sinyul> Even if former mayor Kim Tae-woo is an independent, I have to restore my honor. So I will go out as an independent. You won’t be able to dry it if you do this.

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> Can’t we stop that?

◇ Shinyul> However, some say that the root cause of the non-nomination story is that the by-election for the head of Gangseo-gu is not a simple election. Since this is the last election right before the general election, if the losing side here, for example, the Democratic Party loses. Then the Democrats ended up losing in a very dominant area. If this is the case, the blow will be great, and the people’s strength has failed to defend itself according to the people’s strength. What if you can’t nominate? There will be another hit because we hear that the mercury failed, and isn’t this why the people’s strength is piled up in worries? How do you feel when you talk like this?

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> I think that such concerns can also be considered in a realistic way, but in principle, I think that it is not right for the party that created such a by-election to not nominate candidates.

◇ Shinyul> It is better not to pay political engineering considerations. Are you saying this?

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> Yes. Regarding the words of politicians, there are now listeners, supporters of the Democratic Party, supporters of the people’s strength, and middle-class people, but ordinary politicians’ words are like eating lies, and I do not believe them. There are many negative aspects to this. As a joke, when ordinary people do something wrong, they say, “Oh, that was a political statement.” You talk like this That’s how much politicians have deceived the people and haven’t kept their promises, and I think we need to reflect a lot on this part. Even if it is the strength of our people, it should resemble what it should resemble, and it is not necessary to resemble what it should not. There are a lot of things that the Democratic Party has done in the past by breaking the principles, twisting what was promised, and making standards that are not there. Is it right that our party follows that way? I don’t think so. So I hope that even if it is the power of our people, I will do some proper politics. This is what I am saying with that purpose.

◇ Shinyul> I see. Let me ask you a question about the Jamboree. Now, a spokesperson for the Democratic Party said in connection with the Jamboree incident, the Busan Expo bid has virtually gone through the water. I talked about this, but Congressman Cho Gyeong-tae is also in Busan, so I’m asking.

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> All I can do is laugh. Ask the spokesperson. Does the host know in which country the last Jamboree was held?

◇ Shinyul> I don’t know. sorry.

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> He probably wouldn’t know either. What percentage of the people are interested in the Jamboree? Looking at the Jamboree, the World Jamboree is held every four years. The last jamboree was held in America. Also, the last time we lost, the Jamboree was held again in Japan. You’ve heard that the Jamboree is literally scouting. It is an event that fosters the spirit of adventure, exploration and challenge among young people. How many expectations do we, the citizens of Busan, and the people of Busan have for such an event? Does the person who looks like he just sprinkles ashes on top of this really deserves to be a member of the National Assembly? I see the 21st National Assembly. Probably the worst member of parliament. There are too many people who are not qualified to be members of the National Assembly. That’s why I always insist on getting rid of proportional representation and drastically reducing the number of members of the National Assembly. So I hope I don’t make such remarks that make people’s emotions and people lose hope. Remarks made in relation to this Jamboree and the World Expo in this situation where we are already competing fiercely with rival countries. Such remarks are remarkably immature. I am looking at it like this.

◇ Shinyul> I’m worried so let’s work hard. Isn’t that what you were talking about?

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> That’s my story. Then, come to the citizens of Busan and tell them to commit the great sin of gypsum. “I said this, but I was wrong.” What did I say? Are you saying you can’t trust politicians? And if you see him say it again, he must twist it. Then we need to create a separate language for politicians. the language of politicians.

◇ Shin Yul> Another person who draws attention in relation to this Jamboree is former President Moon Jae-in. On Facebook, “With the Saemangeum Jamboree, we lost a lot of things. We lost our nationality and pride. Shame has become the responsibility of the people.” And, of course, we talked about this. “As the president at the time of attracting foreign investors, I would like to express my apology and condolences.” Having said this, what do you think of this part?

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> I am very ashamed that this person served as the president of the Republic of Korea. What did he say about this person? Do you remember listeners? I wanted to become a forgotten person after I retired. If you hit the internet, everything comes out. He said he had something to say. But I don’t know why they keep coming out and trying not to be forgotten. It’s pretty much in line with what I said earlier. Isn’t the president a politician too? Politicians have to keep their promises, but when you see politicians, they lie and break promises on fictitious days, so people have a lot of distrust in politics. Former President Moon Jae-in, please live as a forgotten person. Because he is what he said. And not saying anything helps. I think so.

◇ Shinyul> But what about the things that President Moon did not keep his promise? For example.

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> You said you wanted to return to being a forgotten person after you retired. But why do you keep using social media ? Isn’t that just to show off my presence that I’m here? So for me, in that respect, and in terms of the Jamboree, this preparation period was six years. Five out of six years were during the tenure of former President Moon Jae-in. So proportionally how high is that? So what did you do for 5 years? So, before blaming or criticizing others, look back on yourself. And as I said before, the Jamboree is a Jamboree because politicians keep making it a problem and fighting it, so Jamboree and Jamboree are held, but the truth is that politicians were not interested in the Jamboree. As I said before, you didn’t know which country the Jamboree was held four years ago.

◇ Shinyul> Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know.

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> Didn’t the evacuation be decorated well with events to enhance the spirit of exploration of teenagers, and the central government made efforts to deal with it anyway? Without major casualties, isn’t it? If so, we would have suffered greatly from each other. Tried. However, there are some regrettable parts, but let’s do better in those areas in the future. I wish I could do something like this.

◇ Shinyul> In the case of former President Moon Jae-in, SNSDon’t you sometimes express your thoughts? When I was an anti-state force, I talked about my opinion, and I said this again this time, but the reason this continues is to keep denying that I want to be forgotten. You said this, but how do you judge the content itself?

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> As I said earlier, not saying anything is helping everyone. So, in the past five years, how many civil servants have you chosen who have no choice but to take sides and spend taxes again? That’s why the economy is pretty bad right now. In this case, I would rather, as a former president, if there is a good way to revitalize our country’s economy a little more and to help our common people live better, if there is a know-how acquired while running state affairs for 5 years, I quietly suggest such a thing, assist and give advice. I don’t know why there is no such president. Right now, former President Moon Jae-in is receiving a pension. You are receiving a pension. Who pays the pension? Isn’t that what people pay for? I know that they give quite a lot a month, but then there are people in the Republic of Korea who support them, but aren’t there also people who don’t? So, all of them are taxes given by the people of the Republic of Korea. pension. Then I would be grateful and have really deep thoughts about how Korea can develop more and how our people and common people can live better. I hope you can give me some good advice on that part. Don’t make it easy again, because there are many routes. So, if you are a former president, aren’t you still in the ranks of national leaders? There is such a wind that I want you to show me a little bit of a look that fits there.

◇ Shinyul> I see. By the way. Nevertheless, it seems that this Jamboree issue will now be audited by the Board of Audit and Inspection. However, the Democratic Party is demanding an apology from President Yoon, the resignation of Prime Minister Han Deok-soo, and a parliamentary investigation. The power of the people is grateful, and in the case of the power of the people, it is very aimed at the responsibility of Jeonbuk-do. How do you view this? Who do you think was at fault?

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> Politicians are not really sane. As I repeat, what is a Jamboree? The appearance of pitching with a content that does not need to be overly controversial or controversial. How tired are you making people? I’d rather go to the site at that time, and today, people who sell small things that I do for small and medium-sized businesses say it’s more difficult than during Corona. The domestic market is not very good right now. Interest rates are still rising. Although this is a bit of a global trend, I also think that in order for our country to develop further as an advanced country, our people should be more comfortable and we should have a sense of security. Then, we are looking for a solution that can touch our small business owners, our citizens who are experiencing difficulties right now, and the people, and at least they themselves go and volunteer for such a place, but rather immerse themselves in this Isn’t it much more constructive and future-oriented than the Jamboree debate? I think so.

◇ Shinyul> That story is 100% correct. But do you think this will be bumped into again due to the resignation of Minister Kim Hyun-sook from the Filtering Committee? But didn’t you say that the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family would be abolished?

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> Wasn’t that kind of talk actually part of the pledge? So let’s integrate it into a better ministry through the abolition of the Ministry of Leisure. Haven’t you been talking about these things for a long time? However, I don’t know if this will lead to the abolition of the Ministry of Leisure, but in fact, Minister Kim Hyun-sook said that he was fully prepared during the parliamentary inspection last year. She made that claim from the time of the government audit, and if this is true, there are actually some parts that need to be pointed out about the various controversies this time. And the budget flow from the Board of Audit and Inspection and the prosecution said that this is about 110 billion won. I decided to look into how the money was executed, so maybe a cartel of interest is formed here again. I think this needs to be thoroughly investigated. That and I mean that it is a separate issue from fighting between the opposition parties politically. So, in this regard, isn’t the interest in the Jamboree reaped too much? Then, now, on the matter of making a living, please, let us politicians come to their senses, and I hope that it will be like this. I hope that the special reform committee will be opened quickly, the proportional representation will be eliminated, and the number of members of the National Assembly will be reduced.

◇ Shinyul> When you talk about political reform, I suddenly think of you, and the general election is just around the corner. However, in the case of the people’s strength in the Seoul metropolitan area, and former CEO Lee Jun-seok, a total of 100 seats. Speaking of this, what do you think of our member, Cho Kyung-tae, as one of the most elected members of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea right now?

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> I think I’m losing my mind because I give too many seats to the opposition party. So, I would like the ruling party to have a majority that can run state affairs normally without being too greedy. This is my thought. And I think that when the opposition parties have a similar balance of power, they can respect each other. However, because it is too lean to one side, the side with a large number of parliamentary seats is not able to wake up like that, grabs the ankles about state affairs안전놀이터 like that, and disturbs the people’s hearts. I’m looking at you like this. So, I also believe that if our people do not drive too much to one side and do half and half, and the opposition parties balance their power, a way for coexistence can be opened for me much more than now. I am looking at it like this.

◇ Shinyul> Half and half chicken is also popular.

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> Yes, that’s right. I think that’s a very ideal ratio. Please, there must be a lot of listeners now in the metropolitan area as well, but as I have been in politics for a long time and experienced it, in the language of Gyeongsang-do, ‘there will be fear’. There’s something called him. I hope you get away from that kind of mindset that drives only one party too much because of each other. Korea is already a developed country. It can be of great help to the lives of our people if the politics that matches the level of advanced countries continue. It will help. I’m watching here.

◇ Sinyul> By the way, former CEO Lee Jun-seok talked about 100 seats, Why do you think this is so?

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> He has never been elected in his district yet.

◇ Shinyul> What does that have to do with 100 seats?

◆ Cho Gyeong-tae> So, if you start with yourself, then if there are 100 seats, you should try to get 101 seats. You have to worry about your constituency first. Shouldn’t you make an effort to become competitive so that you can win next year, so if there are only 100 seats, you should try to get 101 seats? It’s not the time to worry about others. That’s it. If you run for office next year, will you be able to win? If it’s difficult, from now on, don’t look sideways and don’t look sideways, and work hard to earn trust in your region for your region. Isn’t that my attitude as a newcomer in politics? I hope that you will work hard so that such good results can be achieved next year.

◇ Shinyul> When you see Congressman Jo Gyeong-tae, what do you think of the situation in Boo-Ul-Gyeong?

◆ Cho Kyung-tae> I don’t know. It’s difficult for me to predict, but I think we should do our best anyway. And, in fact, since the voters in our Gyeonggi-do are very high-level, I think they should produce a lot of policies that can be very humble and practically helpful to citizens. In that sense, I think we need to work harder and do our best.

◇ Shinyul> I understand. Anyway, there are so many things going on in our country’s politics, so I don’t know when or how this will turn out, so I’ll listen to today’s talk. Thank you. Until now, it was Congressman Cho Kyung-tae, the power of the people.

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