A man who wielded a weapon in an academy…Students ‘less’

Amid growing civil unrest due to a series of riots with deadly weapons, a man in his 40s brandished a weapon at students at an academy in Daegu.

Daegu Suseong Police Station announced on the메이저사이트 13th that it had arrested A (46) on charges of wielding a weapon at passers-by in an academy where many students go.

At 12:15 noon on the 8th, Mr. A is accused of taking out a weapon stored on a motorcycle in a densely populated area of ​​academies in Suseong-gu and swinging it at passers-by, including students, several times.

After receiving the report, the police analyzed the surrounding CCTV to identify the motorcycle and arrested Mr. A on charges of special threats in Seongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 57 km away in about 8 hours, and confiscated 4 weapons.

A simple drug test was conducted for Mr. A, but the result came out negative.

The police are investigating suspected mental illness, such as the suspect’s statement, “Someone ordered to remove an invisible thread under the telephone pole, so he scratched the telephone pole with a weapon to cut out the thread.”

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