A man in his 20s who secretly filmed women naked… Reported by his girlfriend

 A man in his 20s who secretly took pictures of women’s naked bodies was later known to have been caught by his girlfriend’s report.

On June 14, the Pohang Branch of the Daegu District Prosecutor’s Office prosecuted A (21) on charges of violating the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (filming using a camera, etc.)

On May 10, 2021, Mr. A is accused of secretly filming and touching the body of Mr. B (20s), who was sleeping at his residence in Jangseong-dong, Buk-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

He and Mr. B have known each other since school days, and Mr. B responded to Mr. A’s invitation without any objection, but was turned away.

On November 10, 2022, Mr. A’s girlfriend, Mr. C, reported to the police, and Mr. A’s criminal behavior was revealed. At that time, Mr. C accidentally looked through the photo album on Mr. A’s old cell phone at Mr. A’s house and found naked pictures of several women and reported it to the police.

Mr. C is known to have been photographed naked by Mr. A and reported it to the police.

Pohang Northern Police Station received the case and analyzed Mr. A’s cell phone and confirmed that in addition to Mr. B, another victim D (20s) had a naked picture taken.

Mr. D met Mr. A at a game meeting and became acquainted with him, and it was revealed that Mr. A was committing a hidden camera crime while sleeping with Mr. B as in the case of victim B.

Several pictures were found on Mr. A’s cell phone, including pictures of women’s bodies and taking a shower.

When the police received the case and the investigation began, Mr. A approached Mr. B, who was unaware of this fact, and asked for an agreement.

At the time, Mr. B was living a daily life without knowing that his body was filmed or that the police had started an investigation. Then, he found out about this when Mr. A suddenly contacted him and demanded an agreement.

Mr. A went from Pohang to Pyeongtaek, where Mr. B worked, and revealed the facts and demanded an agreement.

According to Mr. B, Mr. A, who had not been contacted토토사이트 by Mr. B, suddenly contacted him and came to his work place in Pyeongtaek.

Mr. A also mentioned a lawyer to Mr. B and only talked about the agreement.

Mr. B said, “Mr. A suddenly called and came to the work place to have a meal,” and “I was in a state of not knowing anything about what had happened until then.”

After breaking up with Mr. B, Mr. A said, “I met with a lawyer and asked about the settlement. persuaded

Then, he said, “If you want the settlement money, let me know. I will talk more with the lawyer.”

Although Mr. A was a suspect and the case was sent from the police to the prosecution, she boasted by posting pictures of her travels on social media.

Mr. B’s side said, “It is questionable whether Mr. A is reflecting.”

He also emphasized, “The victim of sexual violence will live with mental pain for the rest of his life due to trauma, but the perpetrator did not show any remorse.”

Mr. A’s trial will be held on the 16th after the first trial on July 7th.

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