The 12-day Saemangeum Jamboree is over… The K-pop concert ended successfully

The 12-day official schedule of the Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree, which suffered from heat waves and typhoons, has ended.

The K-pop concert, which had changed venues twice, also ended successfully last night.

Having overcome the previous Jamboree with many challenges with the scouting spirit, the members encourage each other and start their full-fledged return home from today.

Reporter Hong Hye-rim reports.


About 40,000 members of the Jamboree, who were scattered across the country to avoid the typhoon, became ‘one’ again.

The ‘Jamboree K-Pop Concert’, which changed its location and time twice due to heat waves and typhoons, was held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium for two hours from 7:00 pm yesterday.

Members of different languages ​​and cultures became one on the stage of ‘New Jeans’, which recently topped the Billboard album chart, and popular idol ‘Ive’.

The performance of the popular group ‘ITZY’ dressed as scouts went wild.

Even in the rain, the 19 teams representing K-Pop performed flawlessly for 2 hours.

About 40,000 Scouts embroidered the last night of the Jamboree with ‘spears’ waving glow sticks.

At the closing ceremony held prior to the concert, it was evaluated as the ‘first travel jamboree’ that left the campsite and moved on a large scale.

[Soundbite] Ahmed Alhendawi/World Scout Federation Secretary General : “No other Jamboree in history has ever shown the determination, creativity and resilience of the scouts gathered here.”] Wishing for the success of the Poland

Jamboree to be held four years later, the federation was also delivered.

Prime Minister Han Deok-soo expressed his gratitude to the people for sending the ‘Power of the Jamboree to Overcome the 먹튀검증Crisis’. [Soundbite ] Han Deok-soo(

Prime Minister) : “I would like to express my deep gratitude to the people for their support. There are many people who have taken the lead as if they were their own.”

Nearly 100 police and firefighters watched the scene from all over the place.

Some 40,000 crew members will begin their return journey in earnest from today, and some national crew members will stay in Korea a little longer to experience our culture.

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