“If this is the case, will everyone buy an iPhone?” A mysterious iPhone photo with earphones inserted appears

 “Airpod appears when the lid of the iPhone is opened.”

While Apple has been skeptical about its foldable smartphone, “Why are you folding it unnecessarily?” Expect a unique iPhone that can insert and remove wireless earphones instead of a foldable iPhone An image emerges and attracts attention.

Concept artist 4RMD, who specializes in smartphone projection images, posted a video of 2 minutes and 3 seconds on his YouTube channel on the 7th, saying that it would look like the future ‘iPhone 19 series’. Apple is set to unveil the iPhone 16 in September. Arithmetically, the iPhone 19 is a model that is expected to be released only after 2026.

Looking at the video, the camera island on the back of the iPhone has a wider horizontal shape than it does now. Next to the camera lens, there is a space where you can put the wireless earphone AirPods. It is a way to insert the AirPods and close the lid. 4RMD introduced it as a ‘built-in AirPod iPhone’.

When the lid is closed, it transforms into a mini display. The display shows the date and time, battery charge status, and music playing. The design with the rear camera and the second display side by side is reminiscent of Samsung Electronics’ ‘Galaxy Z Flip 4’. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 also has a 1.9-inch outer cover display that allows you to check simple notifications such as time and text messages.

4RMD presented the iPhone 19 in four colors: ▷Silver ▷Deep Red ▷Jet Black ▷Gold. It is expected that the user’s convenience will be high as they can hold the iPhone and AirPods in their hands at once. However, as the size of the camera island has increased, the level of so-called ‘katuktu’토토사이트, in which the camera island protrudes, has also become more severe.

Currently, AirPods are stored and charged in a separate square case. It has been pointed out all the time that it is bulky and the risk of losing it is high. In order to solve this inconvenience, it was reported that Apple is applying for a patent for a charger that can be worn on the wrist by inserting the AirPods into a round bracelet and is in the process of research and development. Put the AirPods on both ends of a U-shaped string and roll it round to make a bracelet.

Meanwhile, Apple will unveil the iPhone 15 series on September 12th. In this series, the border (bezel) surrounding the display screen is significantly thinner, and the charging terminal is expected to change from the existing Lightning type to the same USB-C type as the Galaxy phone.

There is a prospect that the name of the top-of-the-line model will also be changed from ‘Pro Max’ to ‘Ultra’. The expected bezel thickness of the iPhone 15 Ultra is 1.55 mm. It is 0.62 mm thinner than the previous iPhone 14 Pro (2.17 mm). When ultra-slim bezels are realized, the size of the screen that users can enjoy also increases. However, as the bezel, which relieves shock, becomes thinner, the risk of liquid crystal damage increases if the product is dropped.

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