Today’s Sangam Jamboree K-Pop Concert… Movement of 40,000 people ‘Traffic control from 2 p.m.’

Today (11th), the closing ceremony of the ‘2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree’ held at the Sangam World Cup Stadium in Seoul and the K-pop concert will restrict the surrounding roads from 2pm. About 40,000 people, including the Jamboree participants, are expected to travel by 1,500 buses.

The city of Seoul will completely control the operation of vehicles in both directions from 2:00 pm on this day until 11:00 pm, when the event is expected to end, on the World Cup Road in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu (Kuryeong Intersection – Stadium Intersection).

Gyeonggi Intersection, Agricultural and Fishery Intersection, Nanji IC , and Sangam Intersection are flexibly controlled considering the traffic volume. It is possible to pass through the World Cup Underpass.

In the case of 14 bus routes passing through the restricted area, detours are planned.

City Bus 172, 271, 470, 571, 710, 760, 6715, 7011, 7016, 7019, 7715, 9711, Village Bus Mapo 08, Mapo 15, etc안전놀이터.

Bus stops near the stadiums, such as West Driver’s License Examination Center, Nanjicheon Park, World Cup Park Complex 3, Nanjicheon Park, World Cup Park Complex 3 back gate, World Cup Park entrance/Oil Oil Tank Culture Park, West World Cup Stadium/Oil Oil Tank Culture Park, etc. is done.

Detailed traffic information can be found on the website of the Seoul Transportation Information Center ( TOPIS ), the Seoul Transportation Portal app, electronic road signs throughout Seoul ( VMS ), and bus stop arrival information devices ( BIT ).

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