Tak Hyun-min “‘The 7th year of the government’, I should have done well in preparation for the typhoon” … What does it mean?

Tak Hyun-min, former secretary of the Blue House protocol, sarcastically said, “An unprecedented typhoon is coming. Our Moon Jae-in administration should have prepared well, but I’m already worried.”

On the 9th, he wrote on his Facebook page, “I’m in my 7th year in power. I’m getting more and more tired안전놀이터.” Then he added, “Be careful and be careful. Be safe and be safe. Be more careful at the beach.” Former Secretary Tak’s remarks are interpreted as a response to the ruling party’s recent claim to be responsible for the poor management of the 2023 Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree.

Previously, the power of the people has been targeting the former government day after day based on the fact that this competition has been prepared since the Moon Jae-in administration.

Kim Ki-hyun, representative of People’s Power, said, “It was during the Moon Jae-in administration in August 2017 that the 2023 Jamboree Saemangeum bid was confirmed.” “he said.

Yoo Sang-beom, chief spokesman for People’s Power, also said, “The Democratic Party is talking about the responsibility of the government every day and again harming the national interest.” Check whether you worked with it,” he said, raising his voice.

Regarding this, Nak-yeon Lee, former representative of the Democratic Party, criticized, “I guessed that the government and the ruling party, which blames the previous government when a problem arises, will not do it this time, but my guess was wrong.”

Referring to an anecdote about preparing for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, he said, “The Pyeongchang Olympics were held nine months after President Moon Jae-in took office and eight months after the formation of the cabinet. We did not have time to blame the previous government, and we did not blame it.” He added, “This time, I had plenty of time. If I had only studied the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in the cold and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in the heat, I would have avoided national disgrace.”

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