Fractures and full body paralysis if Jenny’s neck massage was done incorrectly… what is chiropractic

 Chiropractic , so-called ‘Jenny’s neck massage’, has recently spread in social network services ( SNS ) and is attracting attention.

However, experts are warning that misguided chiropractic can lead to total body paralysis beyond fractures and nerve paralysis.

A video circulating on social media shows Jenny, a member of the K-pop group BLACKPINK, being treated in 2019. In the video, Jenny turned her neck after receiving chiropractic treatment, and he was delighted, saying, “I think I will live.” Afterwards, as the video spread, those who experienced it directly shared reviews such as “I rolled up my entire body like a shrimp, pressed the vertebrae and released the hardened bones, and it’s a new world I’ve experienced for the first time.”

The surge in interest is also confirmed by data. According to Some Trend, a keyword analysis site, the search volume for chiropractic increased by 47.07% from the 8th of last month to the 8th of last year compared to the same period last year.

Chiropractic is a treatment method that relieves pain by directly stimulating the spine and joints with your hands without medication or surgery and correcting misaligned joints. It is an alternative medicine that originated in the United States and is currently recognized as a legal medical practice in more than 60 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

However, some in the medical community warn of the dangers of chiropractic. This is because when bones are damaged by chiropractic, the possibility of going beyond fractures and nerve paralysis to general paralysis cannot be ruled out. In fact, in July of last year, a case was reported in the United States of 28-year-old Caitlyn Jensen who became paralyzed while receiving chiropractic treatment.

According to reports, Jensen felt severe pain and immediately lost consciousness after hearing a ‘crunch’ sound in his throat while receiving chiropractic treatment. Jensen was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery after it was confirmed that four arteries in his neck had been cut. However, his brain damage progressed and his whole body was paralyzed.

In November last year, People magazine reported that adult magazine model Katie May died in 2016 after receiving chiropractic incorrectly, but that the serious complication rate from her chiropractic bone adjustments was about one in a million안전놀이터.

Experts in the medical field insist that not only the actual effects of chiropractic, manual therapy, and Chuna therapy be verified, but also that research on various side effects and sequelae caused by treatment should be conducted more systematically. Lee Joo-gang, professor of rehabilitation medicine at Gachon University Gil Hospital, said ,

“When performing chiropractic, the neck is turned ‘crumpled’. If you have a fracture that cannot be seen on Ray , or you are injured, but the ligament damage is severe and the stability of the spine is low, or if you receive excessive chiropractic in a state where the bones are weak, a fracture can occur,” he told

“Another serious side effect is that there is a blood vessel called the vertebral artery inside the vertebrae of the neck,

“If possible, it is better not to receive chiropractic treatment,” the media advised, “it is better to get a sufficient diagnosis at the hospital in advance, check for fractures or ligament damage, and find other treatments that can relieve pain.” did.

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