One ‘balladang’ to the thief… Kang Hyung-wook was right 

An unusual scene was revealed in which a thief who was stealing a bicycle in a garage of a family home in San Diego, California, stops at the owner’s dog who greets him, plays with him for a while, and then leaves.

San Diego police released a CCTV video on their official Facebook page on the 4th (local time) of a white man stealing an expensive bicycle from a garage near a family home near the Pacific Beach area on the night of the 15th of last month .

According to the police, the item the thief stole was a 2019 black three-speed bicycle from Electra, and the damage was about $1,300 (about 1.7 million won).In the video, the man is pulling his bicycle out of the garage and suddenly sees a dog wagging its tail from the house and returns. The dog seems to be happy to jump up on the man and wag his tail more vigorously.

The dog in the video is a Golden Retriever, which is famous for its low alertness and excellent affinity for people.

Kang Hyung-wook, a dog trainer, also explained the characteristics of Labrador Retrievers on YouTube’s ‘Dog Encyclopedia’ last month and said, “If a thief comes in, he will teach you the location of the safe.”

At the time, the river trainer explained, “Golden Retrievers (more than Labrador Retrievers) like people and are not wary.”

In the video, the thief couldn’t overcome the dog’s charms and ended up having a good time with the dog for about a minute while leaving the bicycle parked in the garage토토사이트. He even seemed completely off guard, saying things like “Where is your daddy” and “Don’t walk around with the garage door open” to the dog.

The dog was also excited and lay down on the floor, exposing its stomach without hesitation. The posture of a dog showing its stomach to a person is often known to mean ‘trust’.

San Diego police explained the man’s appearance and urged citizens to pay attention and report, saying, “We need your help to identify the suspect.”

Netizens who watched the video commented, “Golden Retrievers are not guard dogs. They are very friendly,” “The dog seems to be saying, ‘Please come and play again, my dad has a lot of bicycles,’” he left comments.

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