Everyone suffers from insomnia… How to recover in one day?

Insomnia is something that everyone experiences at least once. When you have a level of worry that will follow you to bed, many of your efforts to get a 메이저놀이터good night’s sleep are in vain. If you have a schedule the next day when you can’t sleep, the pain of insomnia is even greater.

Whether one or two episodes of insomnia will be prolonged depends on how you cope the next day. This is because existing sleep patterns may be shaken depending on whether or not you take a nap and the amount of time you consume caffeine drinks. What can be done to minimize fatigue without breaking the existing sleep pattern?

▲ As for caffeine,

most of the office workers who had trouble sleeping the night before get help from caffeine drinks in the morning. In order to reduce mistakes at work, you have to force your concentration. However, to keep the existing sleep pattern, it is better to limit the time zone of caffeine intake to the morning or right after lunch.

You should also be cautious about consuming more caffeine than usual. This is because even people who are usually insensitive to caffeine can become temporarily sensitive depending on their physical condition. If you do not wake up even after consuming the right amount of caffeine, it is recommended to use other methods that can increase concentration, such as taking peppermint tea or going for a walk.  

▲ Take a nap at a minimum

Naps are considered one of the main culprits that break down existing sleep patterns. Excessive daytime sleep interferes with nighttime sleep, leading to a vicious cycle of insomnia. In fact, sleep experts also advise patients with insomnia to reduce naps or not to sleep.

However, it is difficult to take a nap even when the fatigue is too severe the day after a poor sleep. If your work involves sensitive tasks like driving, it may be safe to take a nap. However, even in this case, it is advantageous to keep the existing sleep pattern by taking a nap around noon as much as possible so that the fatigue disappears.

▲ Sleep time is similar

The first principle of sound sleep is ‘regular sleep’. Going to bed as if falling apart right after work also means that it can harm the existing sleep pattern. In fact, there are not a few cases where you fall asleep right after work and wake up around midnight to suffer from insomnia again. If you are very tired, it is better to go to bed 1-2 hours earlier.

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