Can an armored car stop a ‘weapon riot’?

In particular, after the ‘Bundang Seohyun Station Weapon Riot’ incident, the police have been deploying special forces and armored vehicles in major cities across the country for the third day.

As the inspection and search for suspicious people is strengthened, there is also a controversy over ‘excessive suppression’, such as innocent people being strongly suppressed.

What do citizens think?

Reporter Yoo Seo-young covered the story.

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Near Sunae Station, one stop by subway from Seohyeon Station in Seongnam City, where 14 casualties occurred.

Armored police vehicles are on the lookout and armed commandos come and go, and the atmosphere is grim all day.

As of today, 128 special forces deployed in 45 locations nationwide, including Gangnam Station in Seoul, were mobilized, including armored vehicles in 11 locations.

Citizens’ reactions are complex.

[Kim Min-jun]
“I can help with the safety part, but the fact that it is deployed is a little scary, and I can’t go around recklessly…” [Lee

“There is a sense of security, but on the other hand, the public power is approaching our citizens too much. Isn’t it…” It’s

been three days since armored vehicles, which were mainly used for counterterrorism measures such as presidential메이저놀이터 inauguration ceremonies and foreign leaders’ visits to Korea, were deployed in major cities across the country.

The police explain that the purpose is to subdue crime by using firearms inside an armored vehicle equipped with a bulletproof function, or to respond to terrorist acts using vehicles.

In fact, three days ago at Seohyeon Station, the suspect Choi Mo hit the sidewalk with a vehicle, but some point out that there is a limit to preventing a sudden riot with a weapon.

An official from the police also said, “If you are deployed with the special forces and give a sense of intimidation, it has the effect of suppressing the will to commit crimes in advance.”

[Kim Dae-geun/Korea Criminal Justice Policy Research Institute]
“It is questionable whether such extreme measures are fundamentally effective in deterring or preventing crime.”

The police also declared ‘special security activities’ and strengthened inspections and searches for suspected ‘possession of weapons’ and abnormal behavior.

In the aftermath, last night in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province, a middle school student was accused of possessing a weapon and was handcuffed on the street while being suppressed and injured.

[Father of the victim (Voice Modified)]
“(The police) didn’t even tell us about his identity. He said, ‘Come here,’ so he backtracked and fell. While he was lying on the ground, he suppressed him…

” We were dispatched to a report that he was carrying a weapon,” but admitted that no weapon was found.

This is Yoo Seo-young from MBC News.

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